Great Heisman Campaign: Odoms v. Martin

Martavious Odoms was Michigan’s most used receiver last year, grabbing 49 passes for 443 yards. Since he performed so well as a freshman, there’s good reason to hope he does the same as a sophomore – if not better. Competent quarterbacking and a more effective overall offense should give Odoms the chance to make a lot of plays. He’ll also be used in the kicking game, and he returned one punt for touchdown last year.

Mike Martin was inserted into heavy rotation at defensive line, which is rare for a true freshman. He performed well, including a crushing of Allan Evridge that helped seal the victory over Wisconsin.

Martin finished the year with 20 tackle (4.5 for loss and 2 sacks).

Martavious Odoms v. Mike Martin

  • 3 Mike Martin (57%, 284 Votes)
  • 2 Martavious Odoms (43%, 215 Votes)

Total Voters: 499

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What We Missed

So what happened in the way of actual news when I was gone?

  • Yeah, this would have been nice, but in no way feasible, as a rumor that Michigan might open 2010 against Georgia was floated, then debunked just as quickly.
  • Dr. Saturday’s “All Up-and-Coming” teams include two Michigan Wolverines, but on defense. Defensive tackle Mike Martin and cornerback Boubacar Cissoko are among those he expects to have breakout years in 2009. Offensively, I noted the absence of Kevin Koger at tight end (in favor of a player who I predict will probably have as many catches as Michigan’s 2nd or 3rd tight end this year), and Brian did the same.
  • This may belong in a more recruiting-y post, but the Daily Gopher is all set to provide your breathless Seantrel Henderson updates.
  • Zoltan named to the Playboy All-American team. Such a shame: it comes just as being on the team gets a lot less cool.
  • Adam Rittenberg updates Michigan’s summer schedule for getting started on the season:
  • Players report: Aug. 9
    First practice: Aug. 10
    First practice in pads: Aug. 14

    Most players, obviously, either haven’t left town in the first place (spring/summer semesters), or have already reported to town, in the case of the freshmen. The official reporting day is for coach-run activities.

  • Speaking of which, Jeremy Gallon has qualified, which, like, yay. As soon as he can get on campus, Michigan’s talent pool at the slot position (already booming this spring) will increase greatly. Justin Turner is the only 2009 player remaining with any potential academic hurdles to clear.
  • Hail to the Victors 2009 is out. Yrs truly teamed up with Tom Van Haaren to write a chapter on Tate Forcier, who I guess is a Michigan football player?

Anything else I missed? A recruiting update is likely going to be delayed slightly, because I have mounds of information to catch up on.

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The Great Heisman Campaign: Martin v. Koger

Mike Martin burst onto the scene as a true freshman, getting significant playing time in the defentive tackle rotation alongside Terrance Taylor and Will Johnson. Now, he’ll be the main man in the middle. If he can progress from what he accomplished last year, his increased playing time should give him the opportunity to make a lot of plays for the Michigan defense. The Wolverines will need him to perform if they want to have a competent defense.

When Rich Rodriguez came to Michigan, there was fear that he wouldn’t know how to use the tight end position, since he hadn’t in his years at West Virginia. Kevin Koger, however, managed to be too much of a weapon to keep off the field, and Koger caught a touchdown for the Wolverines against Wisconsin. The Michigan staff collaborated with Oklahoma’s in the offseason, and looks to use the tight end much more this year. With Koger the main man at the position, he could see a lot more action come his way in 2009.

Mike Martin v. Kevin Koger

  • 3 Mike Martin (58%, 402 Votes)
  • 6 Kevin Koger (42%, 289 Votes)

Total Voters: 691

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The poll will remain open for 7 days, closing at 5PM next Tuesday. Have your heart set on a particular candidate? Try to sway others in the comments. The full bracket is visible here.

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