Projected 2-Deep for Alamo Bowl

Some of this is likely to change in the meantime, but as of right now, here is how the lineup looks:

QB Henne, Gutierrez
FB Paul, Thompson
HB Hart*, Grady, Jackson
TE Massaquoi*, Ecker, M. Massey
WR Avant, Tabb
WR Breaston, Manningham
OT Stenavich, ?
OG Riley, Mitchell
OC Kraus*, Bihl
OG Lentz, Mitchell
OT Long, ?

DE: Branch, Biggs
DT: Massey, Johnson
DT: Watson, Taylor
DE/LB: Woodley, Woods
LB: Graham, McClintock
LB: Harris, Thompson
LB: Burgess, Crable
CB: Hall, Trent
CB: Mason, Hood
S: Barringer, Harrison
S: Englemon, Adams

*Player is questionable.

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