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I started Varsity Blue in December of 2005, primarily because I was sick of copy/pasting his preview of the Alamo Bowl on various Michigan message boards. The site remained fairly low-key at the time, and was hosted by Blogger under some other name I don’t really remember. For about a year, I didn’t take the site particularly seriously, but I became the producer of WOLV-TV’s football show, Varsity Blue. At that time, I changed the name of the site, and used some of my increased access to the football program for some pretty good content.

During the 2006 season, Paul hopped on board, and started helping with some behind-the-scenes work on the site, and he started posting (albeit rarely) during the spring of 2007. Fast forward to Spring 2008. Paul and I graduate from college, and I start taking the site pretty seriously (partially on account of starting to pay attention to traffic stats, I’ll admit).

For much of 2008, Paul and I discussed taking the site to the next level: moving off Blogger. One of the main reasons we didn’t at that time was because our first two choices for domain names: varsityblue.com and vblue.com, were already owned by cybersquatters who wanted to gouge us for several thousand dollars. In December, however, Paul bought www.umvarsityblue.com, and the process was started. We officially moved to the new site on December 15th, and have been here ever since.

In February, we added the third member of the Varsity Blue team, FormerlyAnonymous, who knew Paul through fraternal relations during his time at the University. For more information on the VB Staff, check out our individual bios below.




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  1. Anthony says...

    I looks like you were going to write this in the third person, but switched to the first. You missed a “his” in the first sentence.

  2. Brian Nemiroff says...

    Hi guys, really enjoy your site. Quick question, can you post a real update on Justin Turner…or at least a compilation of all the rumors/news out there. He could be an early contributor to our secondary if he clears. Thanks

  3. Mike says...

    I have enjoyed your site for some time now. Recently, I have started a blog on my own. Would you consider placing a link to my blog on your site? I already have you linked.



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