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YMAKMA (you may also know me as)

My work outside of VBlue isn’t entirely Michigan. I focus more on my day-to-day life, including umpiring, college baseball in general (including my drafts for posts here), and random thoughts on links from my GoogleReader shared feed.

Speaking of that feed, you’ll notice a few key interests of mine. I’d separate my feed into the following categories: National news (NY Times/Houston Chronicle), Texas Politics, technology news, internet news, oil & energy news, New Scientist/Popular Science magazines, The Economist, and The New Yorker. Sometimes if it’s funny or insightful enough, it may be sports related.

HICTVB (how I came to varsityblue)

Paul and I go back to the days when I was a student at Michigan. I dropped out after two consecutive semesters on probation. At the rate things were going, I needed a change to get me back and motivated. Now I’m back in school in the Houston area, going to classes full time and umpiring for cash on the side. I had been doing fanposts at Maizenbrew beginning with the Big10 Tourney in 2008, and started previews there. Paul asked a special and particular favor, and I felt obliged to honor his request.

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