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About Me

The story of my Michigan fanhood probably isn’t a lot like most people’s. I’ve undoubtedly been a Michigan fan for a shorter time period than most of our readers, and certainly less than just about anyone else who loves Michigan enough to start a blog. For the first few years of my life, I wasn’t cheering for Michigan on the third weekend in November. No, my dad is an alumnus of THE Ohio State University, and I grew up a fan of the Buckeyes. Well, that may be overstating the case. I grew up in a house where the only people rooting for either team were Buckeye fans (there is still an unopened Coke 6-pack touting the 2002 National Champions on the bar in my parents’ basement). I, on the other hand, didn’t really care about college sports.

Varsity Blue Magnate Tim SullivanSo, as somebody who did most of my growing up in the state of Michigan (having previously lived in Illinois and California), I applied only to Michigan and Michigan State coming out of high school. When I got into Michigan, I still wasn’t a convert. When I walked into my first game in the Big House in 2004 against Miami, I literally could not have named a single player on the Michigan team (most fans probably couldn’t have named the QB or eventual starter at RB either, but I digress). I literally learned about this “Braylon Edwards” cat in the first quarter.

Three games that year cemented me as a Michigan fan. The Tyler Ecker touchdown rumble against Minnesota brought me legitimate joy, and the 3OT win over Michigan State had me glued to the television for hours afterward, soaking in whatever information I could. The loss at Ohio State saddened me, but primarily because I thought it meant no Rose Bowl (and it was the first Michigan loss I had ever attended). The Rose Bowl game really did it for me. Why else would I remember some anonymous Texas kicker’s name? When Rusty (Dusty?) Mangum booted through the winning field goal, I was overjoyed when I thought it missed, and anguished when I realized the actual result.

Varsity Blue came about less than a year later, and I’ve been truly diehard ever since, traveling to every bowl game and several away games. I graduated on the Diag on April 26th, 2008, and since then, the site has basically been my full-time job (if only it paid like one). My degree and expertise are in Communications and Broadcast/Print Journalism, respectively.

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  1. BoSchemblogger says...


    I’m a big fan of your site and how you gradually built it too. I’m kind of following your lead but a year or so behind.

    I wanted to ask if you could list my blog site in your “Michigan Blogs” section? If you review my site you’ll see I’ve got Varsity Blue listed and I don’t have many.

    Keep up the great content!



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