(Slight) Site Reorganization

If you’re a particularly astute observer, you may have noticed the “Quick Links” box on the left sidebar has seen a few layoffs of late. That’s partially because of a bit of infrastructure redesign we’ve been working on for a little while. Everything that you’re used to accessing on Varsity Blue should still be around (if something’s not, let us know in the comments), but we’ve also added a couple more items.

The Michigan Class of 2009, Current Michigan Depth Chart, and Michigan Eligibility Chart are still around, but they’re now lumped together under one item called “Personnel HQ.” Soon, I’ll also be putting the finishing touches on the Eligibility Chart by Class, and that will fall under that category as well. The only thing that’s tricky to find is the 2009 Recruiting Board, which can be found on the Class of 2009 page, which is newly spruced up.

New to the site is the “About Varsity Blue” section, which gives a brief synopsis of how Varsity Blue came to be, and links to bio pages for each member of the VB staff. If you’d become accustomed to seeing an invite to follow Paul on Twitter in that left sidebar, fear not, as you can now find that information on his bio page. The same information for the other two of us can also be seen on our respective pages (Tim and FormerlyAnonymous).

The 2010 Recruiting Board is still linked on the left sidebar, and probably will be until around this time next year, after most members of the class sign with Michigan. There are also a few slight adjustments to the site’s design coming along a little further down the road, so be on the lookout for those. For now, feel free to check out some of the new pages and get a feel for the new structure.

If anything is broken, missing, in need of update, etc., or if you have a suggestion for something that you’d like to see, let us know in the comments of this post or the relevant page. I apologize for the abundance of links in this post, but I’m pretty excited to have people checking out all the new and/or updated content.

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  1. I know nothing says...

    Halo——–scan………come on guys. I usually laughed my ass off at the banter on mgoblog. We need it back for the release of tension that comes with unmoderated, spontaneous bashing that is halo-scan. Think of the daily traffic that may create. Most of them were addicted, and if advertised discreetly, may come here for their fix. Have you seen the boards over there now…? Bunch of cat fights and Wolverines eating their own. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Paul says...

    The Haloscan we once knew and loved/despised is no longer. It has been bought up by some social media company who has “improved” it to death. For unstructured, meandering, off topic, vulgar conversation, you can’t find a better den than UniScorn on WLA.

    We try to keep the comments on topic to the posts so you guys can add information and points of view. In a free for all environment, unless you actively keep up, the chaff usually overwhelms the wheat.

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