Current Eligibility Chart

Michigan currently has 20 slots to fill for the 2010 recruiting class, with some likelihood of that number increasing.

Current scholarship players

2009 eligibility expiration – 12
Carlos Brown*
Stevie Brown*
Kevin Grady
Brandon Graham*
Greg Mathews*
Tim McAvoy
Zoltan Mesko
Brandon Minor*
David Moosman
Mark Ortmann
Adam Patterson*
LaTerryal Savoy
2010 eligibility expiration -13
Greg Banks
David Cone
Perry Dorrestein
Obi Ezeh
John Ferrara
Jonas Mouton
James Rogers*
Renaldo Sagesse*
Steve Schilling
Donovan Warren*
Martell Webb*
Troy Woolfolk*
Bryan Wright
2011 eligibility expiration – 16
Boubacar Cissoko*
Kenny Demens*
J.B. Fitzgerald*
Kelvin Grady
J.R. Hemingway
Brandon Herron
Mark Huyge
Kevin Koger*
Mike Martin*
David Molk
Martavious Odoms*
Mike Shaw*
Darryl Stonum*
Ryan VanBergen
Steve Watson
Michael Williams
2012 eligibility expiration – 32
Ricky Barnum
Isaiah Bell*
William Campbell*
Mike Cox
Vladimir Emilien*
J.T. Floyd
Tate Forcier*
Jeremy Gallon*
Brendan Gibbons*
Cameron Gordon*
Thomas Gordon*
Brandin Hawthorne*
Mike Jones*
Teric Jones*
Rocko Khoury
Anthony LaLota*
Taylor Lewan*
Elliott Mealer
Brandon Moore
Patrick Omameh
Denard Robinson*
Terrence Robinson
Craig Roh*
Roy Roundtree
Michael Schofield*
Brandon Smith
Vincent Smith*
Je’Ron Stokes*
Fitzgerald Toussaint*
Justin Turner*
Quinton Washington*
Adrian Witty*

*Unused redshirt
Total – 73
24 scholarships remain for the 2009 class.
Possible unrenewed 5th years -David Cone, Bryan Wright. Possible new scholarships – Nick Sheridan, Mark Moundros

12 Comments so far

  1. Paul says...

    What exactly does an unused redshirt mean?

  2. Paul says...

    It’s basically that the player can still redshirt in the future. Usually people don’t redshirt beyond their freshman year, but sometimes it comes in handy like 2007 when Grady hurt his knee he was able to redshirt and keep his 2 years of eligibility.

  3. Paul says...

    I see…….thanks.

  4. Chris says...

    Didn’t Robinson redshirt this year?

  5. tato says...

    Wouldn’t then Roundtree, Omameh & Robinson among others have one more year of eligibility since they were redshirted already?

  6. bsb says...

    kates shouldnt be on there

  7. Brian says...

    Kates is off the team. So, that leaves us with 58 guys coming back, and 27 scholarships to use.

    We can sign 28 if need be by showing Criswell or Savoy the door, so we should have no trouble taking as many recruits as we need. With the Peace decommitment, and DeQuinta Jones rumored to be on the way out, I’m not sure if we will be able to fill all those slots.

    Sheridan, Moundros, and Morales may be getting scholarships for next fall.

  8. Adam Gross says...

    How does this work with us having 21 committed recruits and only 19 scholarships remaining? Does it have anything to do with some of them enrolling early?

  9. Jerry says...

    1) Molk will be a redshirt soph. this year = 2011 expiration.
    2) Kates is gone.
    3) Roundtree redshirted = 2012.

  10. Adam Gross says...

    Nevermind, I get it. Dumb questions.

  11. Tim says...

    re: Sheridan, Moundros, Morales.

    They will get schollies depending on availability. I doubt they’d get them if there are recruits out there that the team desires.

  12. JAG says...

    Does it blow anyone else away how much more quality players are freshman and sophomores compared to our juniors and seniors? Can’t wait for some of these young kids to develop and see the field.


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