Eligibility Chart Update

With the news that J.R. Hemingway has been granted a medical hardship redshirt, and the season well in the rear-view mirror, it’s as good a time as any to update the scholarship count. I finally got around to removing Sam McGuffie, Carson Butler, and Avery Horn. All the freshmen who were able to redshirt (to the best of my recollection) have been moved back a year in eligibility, and the seven early-enrolled freshmen have been added as well.

There are still a couple possible changes pending on the basis of Andre Criswell and LaTerryal Savoy’s 5th year scholarships, Brandon Graham’s final decision on the NFL, and any other possible attrition.

As of now, the Michigan roster breaks down like this:
13 Seniors
18 Juniors
16 Sophomores
19 Freshmen
19 scholarships remaining for the 2009 class.

Visit the Eligibility Chart to see all the details.

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  1. justin says...

    still have to delete kates

  2. I know nothing says...

    I think BG staying is a done deal. But if Criswell and Savoy don’t come back, with 7 earlys, that means a class of 28. I have a feeling there is gonna be snake oil all over the place these next three weeks. I would like to be placed in a medically induced coma, and then wake up on the 5th to be really surprised. I mentioned this to my wife, and not only did she think it was a bad idea, but now is thinking we should disconnect the internet. She is actually encouraging me to go back to visiting porn sites.

  3. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    Can we officially stop with the “snake oil” thing? It is stupid. It happened when he came here and could boast a sweet WVU offense. Now he can’t boast shit. There will be no “snake oil”… deal with it.

  4. I know nothing says...

    Hey, how is that pill you just took there AA1879, as FUCKING bitter as advertised?? And when half of the country is covered in SNAKE OIL, I’ll be laughing at you. So if you don’t like the term snake oil, come up with a term to replace snake oil. Or should I just keep using the term SNAKE OIL? You big tub of snake oil, you.

  5. Steve says...

    Easy gentlemen. I think every board I visit right now is filled with edgy people. Maybe it’s the shitty season last year, maybe it’s the bad economy, who knows. Maybe Porn isn’t such a bad idea.

  6. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    I am not on edge and I am not bitter. I am being realistic. The only reason Rich was able to snag any recruits so late last year is because he could promise them early playing time and probable offensive success. As it turns out he can only promise one of those things today. I am all in favor of Rich Rod and I love everything about Michigan football I just don’t want to see people setting themselves up for a let down. There will be no GD “snake oil” just deal with it. It isn’t happening. We will have to earn the ability to “snake oil” recruits back after we lost it last year.

  7. I know nothing says...

    Okay, fair enough. No more use of that term I am agreeing not to use. Now it will be Quacksalbermedizin. I do though, believe that in trying to implement the QB run/read offense, you really need a QB that can run. So that may have been a slight problem this year. It will improve next year.

  8. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    You are insane. I am simply trying to get you to realize Rich Rod wont be able to pull away recruits from other teeams this year after our miserable season. You don’t need to act as though I have never seen a football game in my life. I realize Rich didnt have his pieces in place. What I also realize (and you don’t) is that it will be harder for him to get those pieces late in the recruiting game this year.

  9. Griffin Fraley says...

    SNAKE OIL SNAKE OIL SNAKE OIL…uh oh, AA1879 is going to die of a heart attack!!!

  10. BenAZ says...

    Wow that’s a little rough. But, I know nothing’s comment about porn – that shit was hilarious

  11. I know nothing says...

    Unfortunately, I left the site up and my wife read that comment, and she knows what my handle is. Not good. And Quacksalbermedizin is about to be spewed everywhere, and I can’t wait. I am pounding the free sites to prove it, I just have not found it yet. Sorry Tim and Paul for stirring up the comment section. I will try to behave in the future. You know I do not try to cause trouble.

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