12th Opponent selected

Well, it looks like Michigan’s 12th opponent for next year will be Vanderbilt.

This means that it will not be DivI-AA Maine, as had been rumored recently. Had Maine been the opponent, I would have been so disappointed in the Athletic Department that I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself.

Instead, I’m pretty pleased with the selection. I think it is a good idea to play OOC games against BCS Conference opponents. Vanderbilt is also a good selection from this bunch, because they were a pretty decent team last year, despite not going to a bowl. Save for getting absolutely fucked by the officials in the Florida game, they would have been bowl-bound.

The Commodores did, however, graduate their leader and quarterback, Jay Cutler. Either way, they should be a decent, but still beatable, team in 2006.

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