James Kamoku to receive no punishment

James Kamoku, who tried to rip Steve Breaston’s leg off during Saturday’s game, is to receive no punishment from Bret Bielema, accoring to mgoblog’s Brian Cook.

If you don’t know what Kamoku did, take a look at this video clip, again provided by Brian. Eerily reminiscent of Ohio State’s Robert Reynolds trying to kill Wisconsin QB Jim Sorgi a couple seasons ago (and succeeding in crushing his trachea). The difference? Reynolds was suspended for a game. Even then, the very same Wisconsin Badgers who refuse to suspend a player in a similar incident, thought that wasn’t enough.

If you think this is absolutely wrong on the part of Bret Bielema and the Wisconsin football program (and it is), there’s something you can do about it! Let Bielema know you are upset, by e-mailing him (bab@athletics.wisc.edu). Please, if you actually contact him, keep the e-mails classy and respectful, unlike James Kamoku.

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