Going on a Posting Binge because I’m in class and don’t feel like studying.

Fun Bullet Point Time, Hooray!

  • Mike Hart stated a few fun things in a chat with ESPN.com people in EPSN’s retarded SportsNation things. Most interestingly, he stated that He (capitalized because He is a god) and Hene were coming back “because we’ve gotta beat O-State.” In the same interview-like ubstance, he said that the hardest hitter in the country is UM’s pwn Dave Harris (ed note: he is right).
  • In the same interview-like substance-like material, Leon Hall said that the wolverine D was going to hit JDB hard in the Rose Bowl because “somebody’s got to pay for what happened.” In a related note, John David Booty officially hates Urban Meyer and Gary Danielson.
  • Re: BCS mess (and yes, I can reply to my own post), all this confusion about the BCS, voting, etc. just goes to show that perhaps the best (or even only viable?) type of poll for college football would be one like the BlogPoll. Voters are held accountable for the way they vote, there is an intelligent proprietor, and GASP! people actually watch the games! Thinking about the virtues of BlogPoll really makes me want to participate next year.
  • Coming soon to a blog near you!: Rose Bowl previews, mega-early 2007 season previews, and much, much more! I’ll probably get back into this “blogging” thing a bit more, now that school crunch time and Varsity Blue (the show, not the blog, silly) are over.

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