Breaking down the eligibility chart

First thing’s first: the class of 2007 is tiny. There are only 9 scholarship guys in it. First indication is that Michigan will have a tiny recruiting class next year. However, my count has 8 scholarships unaccounted for (well, three are accounted for, but won’t be used by their original owners). That brings the total for the recruiting class up to seventeen, before any further attrition.

Possible early entries and big trouble, along with transfer candidates includes a sum total of 6 guys (Arrington only counted once). Thus, without any unforeseen attrition, such as some underclassman having a ridiculous year and going pro, or more Big Trouble, the recruiting class could be anywhere from 17 to 23. If it is determined that Antonio Bass can no longer play football (which would be a huge shame; he’s a great kid and tremendous athlete), his scholarship will no longer count against the 85 (see precedents of Kolodziej and Reid), making it possible for maybe one more.

In future years, the classes will likely be bigger, as the graduating classes that are currently juniors and seniors are far more sizable that their senior counterpart. Of course, they are likely to shrink with some sort of attrition. The freshman class seems huge, but remember that a good number of the incoming freshman will redshirt, counting toward the next year’s eligibility expiration, and not their own. Again, expect some sort of attrition from this class as well.

By the way, if anyone knows where I am missing 5 scholarships in the current breakdown, feel free to let me know in the comments.

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Scholarship Count

This is based on the Spring Roster with the addition of Adrian Arrington. I only accounted for 74 scholarships (out of 79). The maximum is 85, but 3 scholarships were for the players who have since been dismissed, one was for Forcier, who be wit dem Cardinal now, and one for
mixon, who be wit dem Falcons. McKinney and Schifano have both quit the team. The status of Quinton Patilla is up in the air. This discrepancy of 5 should mean that there are more scholarships for the next recruiting class than many think (for next season, they will probably be given to some senior walkons). More walkons will be added before the season.

9-17-07 Johnny ears booted for dat herb.

Current scholarship players

2007 eligibility expiration – 9
Jamar Adams*
Anton Campbell
Shawn Crable
Brandent Englemon
Chris Graham*
Michael Hart*
Chad Henne*
Jake Long
Adam Kraus
2008 eligibility expiration – 20
Adrian Arrington
Jeremy Ciulla
Grant DeBenedictis
Doug Dutch
Brett Gallimore
Kevin Grady*
Brandon Harrison*
Tim Jamison
Will Johnson
Brandon Logan*
Mario Manningham*
Mike Massey
Alex Mitchell
David Moosman
Austin Panter*
Charles Stewart
Terrance Taylor*
Johnny Thompson
Morgan Trent
Cory Zirbel
2009 eligibility expiration – 18
Antonio Bass
Justin Boren*
Carlos Brown*
Stevie Brown*
Carson Butler
Andre Criswell
Brandon Graham
Greg Mathews*
Tim McAvoy
Chris McLaurin
Zoltan Mesko
Brandon Minor*
Mark Ortmann
Adam Patterson*
LaTerryal Savoy
2010 eligibility expiration – 30
Zion Babb*
Greg Banks
Artis Chambers*
Toney Clemons*
David Cone
Perry Dorrestein
Marell Evans*
Obi Ezeh
John Ferrara
Vince Helmuth*
J.R. Hemingway*
Brandon Herron*
Avery Horn*
Mark Huyge*
Jason Kates
Ryan Mallett*
David Molk
Jonas Mouton
(Quinton Patilla)
James Rogers*
Renaldo Sagesse*
Steve Schilling
Steven Threet*
Ryan VanBergen*
Donovan Warren*
Steve Watson*
Martell Webb*
Michael Williams*
Troy Woolfolk*
Bryan Wright

*Unused redshirt – Threet must use his redshirt in 2007.

Total – 59 + 17 Fall freshmen

Unused Scholarships – 10 (7 from Germany, Richards, Forcier, Mixon, McKinney, Schifano, Sears)

Possible big trouble – Arrington, as yet unforeseen misbehavers

Possible Early entry – Manningham, Arrington, Taylor

Possible Transfer Candidates – C. Brown

Unrenewed 5th Candidates – Gallimore, DeBenedictis, Dutch

William Bostic
Sam Buckman
Jon Conover
Shakir Edwards
Jason Gingell
Sean Griffin
Matt Hornaday
Ankit Kachhal
K.C. Lopata
Patrick Lyall
Ian McComb
David Middleton
Mike Milano
Lee Mondol
Mark Moundros
Tim North
Bryant Nowicki
Jason Olesnavage
Ohene Opong-Owusu
Max Pollock
Michael Ramirez
Jon Saigh
Nick Sheridan
Robbie Thornbladh
Ben Wright
Jeff Ziegler

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[Grand] Marques Slocum Better Be Fast

Professional incoming recruit (he’s been on his way in for the past two years) Marques ‘Grand Marques’ Slocum responded to some criticisms leveled against certain players by “Michigan fans” on Facebook.com*. He posted this on the “wall” of a group called Michigan Football Recruiting HQ:

Wow… its crazy how thats all yall do is talk and post bullshit and yall dont know nothin… yall dont know our situations and its crazy how this is MICHIGAN FOOTBALL RECRUITING HQ’S and yall have no comments about recruiting or anything good about Michigan football(at least what I’ve read)…but i have some questions for yall… Did any of u get in trouble? or how bout did any of u get in trouble beause some asshole is a asshole? or how bout being a U. of Michigan football player and feeling like everybody in Ann Arbor is out 2 get u…we try 2 go out and have a good time but we cant do that because everytime we go out its another problem because of these average people… Now u respond 2 that!

I was not one of the posters in that group, but I’ll take on the challenge to respond “2 that.” To note, I’m going to avoid any (more) cheap jokes about grammar, spelling, etc., since this was a Facebook.com wall post and not an English125 assignment.

First of all, the assertion that we all know nothing and don’t know the athlete’s situation. Besides being a bit of an overstatement, there is a kernel of truth to this. No one outside of those involved, coaches and administrators knows what exactly happened. We can make educated guesses based on context and the limited statements that have been made. Also, it’s not easy to try to put yourself in a Michigan Football player’s shoes. They may not take the hardest classes, and they may have a dedicated academic assistance team, but it still has to be a tough row to hoe going to classes full time and being a college athlete.

Next, the last piece of good news from the Michigan Football team was Boubacar Cissko committing (I guess O’Neill too, but his name isn’t as awesome). The past few weeks we have been inundated by rumors of drug use, assault and transfers. I’ll take any good news I can get.

For the record, I have never been charged with an MIP, DUI, possesion of a controlled substance, assault, public indecency or even a speeding ticket. And it’s not as though I spend all my time studying (junior year and I’m on a 2 year streak with no library visits!), or don’t do anything (12 keg St. Patty’s Day party), I just know how to manage myself and my environment so I don’t get in trouble.

Now the age old question: What to do when an asshole is being an asshole? There is a little Irish guy in my house that when he gets drunk, turns into what can only be described as an asshole. He has some sort of complex and goes after the biggest guy he can find. Well, my freshman year, my buddy was drunk and looking for the biggest guy and Alan Branch was there (for those of you who don’t know Alan Branch > Any man. Ever.). My friend was an asshole being an asshole, and what did Branch do? Alan could have easily picked him and thrown him onto the roof or something, but he just laughed it off while we told our friend how bad of an idea it would be to continue. That’s one way to respond. Or you could just beat the hell out of some kid looking for an iron.

As far as people in Ann Arbor being out to get football players, I can see that happening. Someone gets drunk and tries to big the big man, but football player HAVE to know they could kick pretty much everyone’s ass, so why show it? It sucks, it’s not right that you have to put up with it, but it’s there. I guess you could think of it as tuition.

Slocum has some decent point, and I will never say that being a student athlete is easy in any way, shape or form. BUT, they should realize that there will be those challenges when they come to a team like Michigan. I bet the coaches are fairly honest with them and let them know it won’t be easy, but it will be their best chance to make themselves better people.

The football players who were dismissed from the team most likely deserved it. And Michigan needs to keep up it’s reputation as both a winning football team as well as being the leaders and the best. Everyone screws up, but when that someone represents a university with a reputation like Michigan in such a visible way, his margin for error is much smaller.

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Hockey housed by Sioiux; Johnson going pro

The hockey team didn’t say goodbye to just its season after their loss to North Dakota last night. Jack Johnson is also expected to sign with the LA Kings tonight. Johnson, a sophomore, will forgo his final to years of eligibility to the surprise of exactly no one.

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Carson Butler, Eugene Germany, Chris Richards dismissed.

No surprise here. Hope they can get their lives in order, because they certainly have too much talent to waste it like they are right now.

Hey! a source! freep.

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Close Encounter of the Lloyd Kind

Every year the Greek Community has a semester long fund raising program inaccurately called “Greek Week.” On Wednesday night, representatives of the charities receiving the funds address everyone in the Greek system at Rackham auditorium. One of the annual charities is the Lloyd Carr Cancer Foundation. To speak on behalf of the fund, Lloyd Carr has spoken 3 out of the past 4 years.

I was lucky to sit up front by the speaker staging area, and from watching him before and during his speech, I reaffirmed my strictly idealistic man-crush on Lloyd Carr.

Before his speech as people were filing in, I saw Carr walk up and begin talking to the spokesman for one of the charities. This kid is in a wheel chair, and couldn’t even make it on stage to give his speech. Lloyd without an SID or handler telling him, talked with this kid for about 5 minutes. After his speech, the host of the event told the audience that Lloyd had also promised him and his family tickets to a Michigan game this year.

His speech was vintage Lloyd Carr. I could just imagine his note card for the event:

  1. Reminisce about own Greek experience
  2. Awkward anecdote about leadership
  3. Talk about football

It is important to note that transitions between topics are not allowed. The awkward anecdote involved Ernest Shackleton where he compared Michigan students to Antarctic explorers. The football talk was about his love of the NW corner of Michigan Stadium.

If we ever need to get a score late in the game, or get an important stop, I always hope it’s in the North End.


He was asked after he left the stage to say a few words about Bo (Bo’s charity fund was the next charity to speak), so he awkwardly went back up on stage and took the mic away from the emcee and told the story of his first interview with Bo, which included road rage, the Pretzel Hut and suspending players. I’m putting this in a quote, but I’m paraphrasing here:

For my first interview for a job at Michigan I flew in on a Monday. I walked into Bo’s office, and there were a couple assistant coaches in there. We went out to the Pretzel Hut, which was a fine Ann Arbor establishment to go for lunch and a beer.

So after we left the Pretzel Hut, we headed to get the car in the parking structure. Bo was driving, and he pulled out and before he could even get the transmission into drive, a car that had been coming up slammed on his horn, and I mean really slammed. He wanted Bo to know he had pulled out in front of him.

Well, Bo wasn’t in a good mood, he had to suspend some players earlier that day which never makes any coach feel good, so instead of putting the car in drive and going on his way, he leaves the car in reverse and slams into the guy.

I was thinking to myself ‘this is one hell of an interview,’ when the guy behind us honked again! So, Bo did the only thing he could do, and slammed into the guy again.

The obvious question this brings up is how big of a deal was drunk driving back in 1981.

I really think this type of thing is what makes a college football coach. Lloyd Carr, despite being a grumbling curmudgeon with the press, is open and compassionate with students and fans. Sure success on the field is in important (and Lloyd has had success with a .758 winning % and 5 Big Ten Titles), but if that was it, coaches would just be hired guns like they are in the NFL (or Alabama).

Lloyd Carr is the definition of a Michigan time, and I was really surprised and impressed that the day Michigan jumped to the lead of the Fulmer Cup, he was there in front of students and being a part of campus. Hopefully for Lloyd, he can win a (Mythical) National Championship and ride into the sunset with a legacy appropriate for such a good coach and such a great man.

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2007 Depth Chart: Now serving fun update!

Here’s the updated depth chart with certain players removed who are likely to get kicked off the team (or already have, per reports), taking into account Lloyd’s press conference and some of the rumblings around the program. Red means no spring practice, blue means limited spring practice. Number of starts from last year is no longer relevant and has been removed.

Offensive Line
Long Kraus Boren or Moosman Mitchell Schilling
or Ortman
or Zirbel
Ortmann Ciulla McAvoy Boren Dorrestein
Schifano Mitchell
Offensive Skill Players
Mathews Massey Henne Criswell Hart Manningham
Arrington McLaurin Mallett or
Helmuth Minor
OR Grady
Defensive Line
Graham Johnson Taylor Jamison
Van Alstyne Slocum Walton McKinney
Or Graham
Or Ezeh
Logan Thompson
or Mixon
Patilla or Mouton
Sears S. Brown Adams Trent
Or C. Brown
Englemon Stewart
Or Enlgemon
K P Ret
Or Gingell
Or Lopata
Mesko S. Brown
C. Brown

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Information gleaned from Courtney Sims’ myspace

You Play Like…:Tim Duncan
You Want To Play Like…:KG, but it’s dry
Best Hand:Right
Best Talent:My Hook
Second Best:Punching Shit
Third Best:Man, you going to far wit this shit now
Need Most Work In:My Handle
Second Most:Three point shot
Third Most:Strength
Describe Your Game In One Word:SMOOVE!!!!!!

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Carson Butler and Chris Richards in Trouble

Carson Butler, already on Carr’s shitlist, is now likely to be kicked off the team. Chris Richards, not in Carr’s doghouse, despite having an arrest warrant out for him, may be having some “staying on the team”-related difficulties, as well.. The Ann Arbor News provides this OMG Breaking News Alert!

The two are accused of beating the shit out of a random passerby in West Quad for “no reason” (a phrase which here means: they were drunk and probably high, though the article says there is no evidence of either).

Eugene Germany, previously thought to be in the biggest trouble of the three known to be in the doghouse, was ticketed for marijuana possession, which means his trouble was maybe not so great as it had been assumed to be. (Thanks to Brian for the link)

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2006 and 2007 Depth Charts

Parentheses indicate number of starts, accounting for different formations. Departing players struck out.

Offensive Line
Long (13) Kraus (13) Bihl (13) Mitchell (12) Riley (12)
Ortmann Ciulla Moosman Boren (1) Mitchell (1)
Schifano Zirbel
Offensive Skill Players
Breaston (12) Ecker (6) Henne (13) Oluigbo (4) Hart (13) Manningham (2)
Tabb (4) Butler (5) Forcier Paul Grady Arrington (4)
Bradley Massey (2) Criswell Minor Mathews (1)
Thompson Jackson
Defensive Line
Woodley (13) Branch (13) Taylor (11) Biggs (13)
Van Alstyne Johnson Walton Jamison
Burgess (9) Harris (13) Crable (8)
Graham (4) Thompson Burgess
Hall (13) Englemon (8) Adams (13) Trent (11)
Harrison (6) Mundy (6) Barringer Stewart (2)
K P Ret
Rivas (13) Mesko Breaston

Removing players who will not be joining the Wolverines in the Fall, and adding in a couple of freshmen, the projected depth chart will flow as follows:

Offensive Line
Long (13) Kraus (13) or Boren Boren or Moosman Mitchell (12) Schilling or Ortman or Zirbel
Ortmann Ciulla Boren (1) Mitchell (1)
Offensive Skill Players
Arrington (4) Butler (5) Henne (13) Criswell Hart (13) Manningham (8)
Massey (2) Mallett or
Helmuth Grady Mathews (1)
Defensive Line
Germany or Van Alstyne Johnson Taylor (11) Jamison
Slocum Walton Graham
Graham (4) Thompson or Panter Crable (8)
Mouton or Logan Mixon Patilla or Mouton
Sears Englemon (8) or S. Brown Adams (13) Trent (11)
Harrison (6) Williams Enlgemon Warren
K P Ret
Wright Mesko Sears, Minor, ?)

Some things have changed since spring practice has begun (not reflected in the above). Andre Criswell has moved from fullback to H-back, leaving early-enrolled freshman Vince Helmuth as the lone Fullback. However, from Lloyd’s spring presser, it sounds like the move is just for spring:

“We moved Andre Criswell to tight end. Criswell is a big, strong guy who really, I thought, towards the end of the season began to emerge. He’ll still play some fullback, but this spring the emphasis will be at tight end because Mike Massey is out for the spring with a procedure.”

All reports indicate that Jonas Mouton has looked great in practices thus far; will he be able to take the starting spot from Chris Graham? Carlos Brown has switched to the defensive side of the ball. Quoth Lloyd:

“Carlos Brown came in to see me after the bowl game and has an interest in moving to cornerback. That’s going to be a great move for us.”

…and on kick returns:

“Steve Brown will be a candidate, Carlos Brown is definitely in the mix. Greg Mathews. We’ll look at a lot of guys, but I think those three have shown the type of potential to do well.”

Then there’s Arrington-Butler-Germany-gate. None of the aforementioned are listed on the spring roster, and it’s unclear which (if any) will return to the team in the fall.

On whether Arrington, Eugene Germany or Carson Butler will practice this spring … “No.”

On whether all three could return by fall if they do what’s expected of them … “That is possible, maybe not probable.”

Mgoblue has the full spring press conference transcribed here. Updated depth charts coming soon taking into account all of Lloyd’s fun updates.

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