Spring Practice Preview

T-minus one day until spring practice. Finally, the public gets a chance to review what the 2007 Wolverines will look like.

However, keep in mind that the impressions you get aren’t always going to be accurate. A year ago, Carlos Brown and LaTerryal Savoy looked like they were going to be world-beaters. At the end of 2006, Brown had 16 carries for 41 yards, Savoy had a statistically-anomalous 0 catches for 7 yards (he recovered a fumble).

Here are some things I’ll be looking for at spring practice (some of them suggested by commenters, and I encourage you to continue making suggestions):

Things to ask players/coaches:

  • Upperclassmen’s opinions of Ryan Mallett
  • How the defense will react after losing 6 starters
  • Ask everyone around if they think Beilein will recruit the PSL

Things to observe, take pictures, gather footage of:

  • Young guys coming in (Mallett, Panter, Helmuth, Chambers)
  • Recruits attending the final spring practice
  • Effectiveness of the D-Line
  • Presence of Grady, Carlos Brown, Arrington

If there is anything else specific that you want to hear, speak now or forever hold your peace.

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