Beilein Interviewed on WTKA this Morning

Obviously unaware that the Michigan Basketball coach is prohibited from interacting with media.


  • His final assistant will be Jerry Dunn, unless Dunn lands a head coaching gig somewhere else. If that’s the case, they will conduct interviews to complete the staff.
  • He took his first full campus tour yesterday (I actually know a lot of people who saw him around), and liked it.
  • He didn’t explicitly say what was going to happen with the unused scholarships (Reed Baker’s, Alex Legion’s). He likes transfers that are looking to move to a bigger stage, however.
  • He has never has a favorite NBA team. Now the Pistons will be his favorite team. When he watches games, he is focusing on individual skills, not rooting one way or the other.
  • The summer camps have been rescheduled to not conflict with other things (recruiting). There will also be team camps, where entire AAU teams are welcomed.

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