NCAA Releases APR Reports

Academic Progress Report for Michigan is available here, along with every Division I school.

Men’s Gymnastics was somehow in the 10th-20th percentile(!) within its sport, as was women’s basketball. Field hockey and women’s rowing were in the 20th-30th percentile within their respective sports. Every other sport had a respectable place among its peers.

These scores also provide an easy way to determine varsity sports that Michigan does not have:
Men’s Fencing
Men’s Lacrosse
Men’s Skiing
Men’s Volleyball
Men’s Water Polo
Women’s Bowling
Women’s Fencing
Women’s Ice Hockey
Women’s Lacrosse
Women’s Skiing
Co-ed Rifle

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  1. FormerlyAnonymous says...

    after watching the last ncaa women’s bowling championship on espn 2, i’m so glad we don’t have it

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