McGuffie Chooses Blue

From my buddy in Houston who I forced to watch the show with the announcemet. His play by play:

A Real Texan: visit fell in love
A Real Texan: coach jackson
A Real Texan: rb staff
A Real Texan: i can come in as freshman and be impact player
A Real Texan: wanna be successful as a unit
A Real Texan: what i do is what i do???
A Real Texan: not tamu b/c:
A Real Texan: wants to experience new things, and to do that, i might as well do it at university of michigan
A Real Texan: and dynamo highlights

I’ll update the recruiting grid, probably make an obligatory YouTube link and try to remember when Michigan has had this good of a recruiting class this early.

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    im now an offically quoted source. bitches.

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