Threet Goes Blue

Steven Threet has pledged to become a Michigan Wolverine, after attending Georgia Tech for a semester and realizing that Chan Gailey is a mediocre (perpetually 7-5) coach.

Threet would have been a huge Michigan target last year, but with Ryan Mallett on the radar, he was not offered, and Michigan recruiting fans forgot about him. Thuogh Michigan fans paid him little mind, he is probably the best HS QB in the state since Drew Henson. Experts peg him on approximately the same level as this year’s Dayne Crist (ND).

Threet will have to redshirt next year, then have four years to play. An interesting factor in his commitment is the fact that Michigan promised Ryan Mallett they would only take one quarterback in the 2007 class, when they have now taken two.

Depth and Eligibility Charts updated accordingly.

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  1. Anonymous says...

    You ignorant bastard,

    When Steve had to crack open a Calculus book at Georgia Tech, reality set in and his knees turned to putty. He ran home to the cream-puff academic world of UM.

    Lou Holtz

  2. Paul says...

    I’m going to assume this joke…

    While Georgia Tech isn’t a slouch, US News and World Report has them as the ninth overall public college while Michigan is third.

    Also, Math 116 (Calc II) is one of the most failed classes at U of M. And, do calculus books really vary over campuses? I feel the first semester is always differentials and the second is always integrals..

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