Postgame quickies

I worked for ESPN again this weekend, so I didn’t get to watch the whole game, but ehre are some things I observed:

  • Mike Hart is, like, really good at the football.
  • Brandon Graham is really good as well. I think the lack of his presence in the first couple games really contributed to the defensive struggles.
  • Morgan Trent has turned into a legit #1 corner (not lockdown, but how many true lockdown guys are there in college?). Now if only there was a good second guy.
  • The maize out was pathetic again. I don’t give a fuck if you started liking Tom Brady after he won the Super Bowl MVP, and went out and bought his Michigan jersey. Your ticket says to wear maize for a reason. That said, the gold-colored shirts that Steve and Barry’s sells also look like complete shit.
  • The crowd noise was pretty good, especially when it counted. As someone who has fairly high standards in that regard, I was pleasantly surprised.
  • A ton of people left between the end of the second and the end of the third quarters. Almost every single one I saw was a student, 95% female, and 90% sorority girls among those.
  • Ryan Mallett has more to learn to be a true starter, but he is a pleasure to watch, because it is obvious he is having fun out there, and is excited to be playing.
  • How many times has a game had four left-footed kick specialists? I’d guess one.

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  1. formerlyanonymous says...

    *there was a fullback shuffle to an end around… IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

    *that was a maize out? couldn’t tell on tv

    *i love bonnie bernstein

    *i thought the crowd became more good looking as the game went on, now i know why.

  2. spread betting says...

    Amen on the golden shirts they are crap! And i agree with your comments about Ryan Mallett and Mike hart! Hart is a great player and Mallett has the makings of one!

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