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A new commit and a lot of changes in other areas (read: coaches) combine to necessitate a recruiting update. All previous commits who haven’t reaffirmed their commitment to Michigan are moved into the newly-renamed “near lock” category. “Presumed leans” and “longshots” are combined into one category, as few people are leans, what with the new coaching staff and all.

QB 1 Commits Near locks Prospects Longshots
Steven Threet (07) John Weinke
RB 1-2 Sam McGuffie
Mike Cox
Christian Wilson
OL 4-5 Dann O’Neill Kurt Wermers Trevor Robinson Zebrie Sanders
Elliott Mealer Rocko Khoury Zac Hueter
WR 2-3 Darryl Stonum Elias Kos Vaughn Carraway
Jon Baldwin
TE 1-2 Kevin Koger Brandon Moore
DT 1-2 Mike Martin
DE 1-2 Nick Perry
LB 2-3 Kenny Demens Marcus Witherspoon
J.B. Fitzgerald
S 1-2 Vaughn Telamaque Rahim Moore
Brandon Smith Spencer Adams
Herman Davidson
CB 1-2 Boubacar Cissoko Robbie Green
J.T. Floyd
ST George Morales (LS) John Potter (K)

The new head coach will obviously have an impact on which recruits stay, and which new guys commit, etc. Threet is obviously already enrolled, O’Neill, Mealer, Koger, and Demens have reaffirmed their commitments, and Morales committed after the Carr retirement. Cissoko reaffirmed his commitment to the Detroit News, then said he would look around the next day. All the other previous commitments are currently in limbo, but don’t be surprised to see most of them recommit. State will go after the Michigan guys, is Illinois hard on Cissoko, Moore is being courted by Ohio State and a bevy of southern schools. If certain assistants leave (Szabo for the two linebackers, DeBord for some of the linemen, English for defensive guys), some commits may be lost that way.

There’s also the possibility that a new c
oach (i.e. Les Miles) will bring some recruits with him who had Michigan in their top list, but picked someone else (i.e. LSU or other southern schools).

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