Michigan Recruits: Ceilings and floors

Baseline and potential peak outputs of Michigan’s 2008 recruiting class. Of course, any player could defy expectations, be it positive or negative. These are best guesses based on star ratings, measurables, and perceived intangibles. If Pryor (or any other recruits) commits still, he will be discussed individually.

Player Position Scout Rating Floor Ceiling Commentary
Ricky Barnum OG **** 2 4 Good enough to have been a Florida commit at one point, and he has the measurables to be an elite OG or OC down the road.
Boubacar Cissoko CB ***** 3 5 Worst case scenario: his speed and feet can’t compensate for his height. Best case: they can, and he grows a couple of inches.
Mike Cox RB **** 1 4 Limited speed, and if his vision or power ends up being less than expected, he could bust. Otherwise, he could be the more successful version of Kevin Grady.
Kenny Demens LB *** 1 3 He is short and lacks elite speed. He could become a solid contributor (Chris Graham) or a career special teamer
Justin Feagin QB ** 1 4 Could be a good, but never elite passer. His running will help him. He could do nothing or be a Pat White++ player.
J.B. Fitzgerald LB **** 3 5 Will likely contribute, but his measurables could add up to nothing if he doesn’t put it together. On the other hand, he could become an All-American
Taylor Hill LB *** 2 4 Smallish for an elite player, but is certainly capable of contributing.
Rocko Khoury OT *** 1 4 Current staff sees him as a future OC. Offensive linemen are very difficult to predict.
Kevin Koger TE **** 3 5 An athletic TE goes a long way. At worst, he’ll be a very good special teams contributor, and occasional TE.
Mike Martin DT **** 2 5 A little short, but if he grows, he could be ridiculously good. Otherwise, he could be a player who has already peaked.
Sam McGuffie RB **** 2 5 This year’s production shows he is susceptible to injury. Without it, he could be Reggie Bush-like
Elliott Mealer OG **** 1 4 His accident could dim the passion for the game. If he still has it, he could be a multi-year starter and NFL player.
Brandon Moore TE *** 1 4 This year, he was uninjured and still slipped two star ratings. If he steps up in college, he could become a very good contributor, and an athletic TE.
George Morales LS ** 1 2 A long-snapper can either completely fade from conscious existence, or play and not fuck up. It’s hard for them to have a major positive impact.
Dann O’Neill OT **** 2 5 He has the measurables. With hard work and good coaching, he could be the next Jake Long.
Patrick Omameh OT *** 1 5 Very slight, but he has the frame to add more weight, and some very long arms. He could either flame out or become and elite OL player.
Terrence Robinson WR **** 3 5 Will contribute on offense and special teams. With any luck, he could be a shorter, slightly quicker version of Steve Breaston.
Roy Roundtree WR *** 1 3 His measurables doom him to be a possession-type guy. One of the few recruits in this class without a high potential.
Michael Shaw RB **** 3 4 Can play slot or RB in Rodriguez’s offense. His versatility and speed give him a lot of options for the future.
Brandon Smith S **** 4 5 He is very athletic, and could be a difference-maker. At the worst, I see him starting a year.
Darryl Stonum WR **** 2 4 Not likely to be the next Edwards, Avant, or Breaston, but will contribute, questionable if he’s a great fit for the new offense.
Kurt Wermers OG **** 1 3 Offensive linemen are tough to predict. Without great measurables, he could go nowhere or be a future OL contributor.
Marcus Witherspoon LB **** 2 3 Athletic-ish, but could be a very good special-teamer and depth player on defense.

Main thing to notice about this class is that most of the players do not have very high floors, but nearly all of them have great potential to excel in the future, meaning their ceilings very high. With the strength and conditioning program at Michigan, as well as the scheming of the coaching staff, this bodes well for the future of the Wolverines.

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