Rich Rodriguez and Michigan Tradition

An article in the International Herald-Tribune yesterday should go a long way to assuage the fears of Michigan fans who fear that Rich Rodriguez intends to ignore Michigan’s storied history, and do things the way he’s been doing them his whole career.

Last week, several members of the 1969 Michigan team that upset Ohio State spoke with members of the 2008 Wolverines. Bo’s first team has more in common with Rodriguez’s, in that both squads serve(d) under a new coach who came from outside the program. A culture shock of hard work is being implemented today, just like in ’69. I was fortunate enough to hear from Dan Dierdorf and Richard Caldarazzo, and their stories were great. One can only imagine how much the players appreciated it.

This weekend, there will be a meet-and-greet featuring more than 200 past Michigan players and their families. 700+ members of this party are expected to attend the basketball game on Sunday against Ohio State. Rich Rodriguez will speak at halftime, primarily to introduce his staff.

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  1. Anonymous says...

    um… you heard great stories please tell us.

  2. Tim says...

    The stories are all things you can read in Bo’s Lasting Lessons. It was the experience of actually hearing them from the players themselves that made them great. I saved some audio from them, I may put up a few clips at a later date.

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