Big Ten 2009 Recruiting Class Rankings 4-25-08

This will become a weekly feature for Saturdays henceforth. If there is no recruiting action during the week, I’ll either skip it or do something else informative.

Action since last rankings:
4-5 Northwestern gains commitment from Evan Watkins.
4-18 Michigan gains commitment from Fitzgerald Toussaint.
4-19 Ohio State gains commitment from Darrell Givens.
4-21 Ohio State gains commitment from Jordan Hall and Dorian Bell.
4-24 Michigan gains commitment from Kevin Newsome. Melvin Fellows switches commitment from Illinois to Ohio State.

New Rankings:

#1 Ohio State – 8 commits
DT ***** Johnny Simon
LB ***** Dorian Bell
RB **** Jordan Hall
CB **** Darrell Givens
WR **** Chris Fields
CB **** CJ Barnett
MLB **** Storm Klein
MLB **** Jordan Whiting
OT *** Jack Mewhort
S *** Jamie Wood
LB * Adam Homan

Ohio State has picked up three 4-star players and one 5-star player since the last rankings were given. They have a very strong start to their class. Adam Homan switched from FB to LB, where he will likely (not) play in college.

#2 Michigan – 6 commits
DT ***** William Campbell
QB **** Kevin Newsome
CB **** Justin Turner
S * Isaiah Bell
RB * Teric Jones
RB * Fitzgerald Toussaint

Michigan has continued a fairly strong (though not OSU-ian) start to the recruiting year. Kevin Newsome fills a huge need for the Wolverines, and is the right guy for this system. He will end up a very high 4-star or a 5-star (currently Scout’s #41 player (they had 50 5-stars last year), and Rivals’s #39 player (they had 30 5-stars last year)), though an early commitment to Michigan typically means death to a player’s ranking. Fitzgerald Toussaint is another RB/slot hybrid, with impressive film. High 3 or low 4-star likely.

#2 Michigan State – 6 commits
RB ***** Edwin Baker
RB **** Larry Caper
SLB **** Chris Norman
WR *** Donald Spencer
DT * Blake Treadwell
QB * Andrew Maxwell

No movement since the last rankings. Passed by Michigan because the Wolverines’ commitments will end more highly ranked, and fill positions of need effectively.

#4 Illinois – 2 commits
DT **** Lendell Buckner
OT **** Leon Hill

Losing Melvin Fellows wasn’t enough to drop the Illini below a couple teams with fewer commits.

#5 Wisconsin – 3 commits
OG * Ryan Groy
DT * Jared Kohout
DE * Shelby Harris

No movement. Their guys aren’t yet ranked, but Wisconsin develops linemen like it’s their job (side note: it is, in fact, their job).

#6 Minnesota – 3 commits
QB *** Moses Alipate
C * Ed Olsen
OT * Josh Campion

Minnesota is going through a big scheme change, and needs to recruit players to the new system. After a huge (and pretty good) 2008 recruiting class, Minnesota is not off to a fast start in 2009. Once a new batch of rankings come out, they might sneak past Wisconsin.

#7 Penn State – 1 commit
C * Ty Howle

JoePa is death to Penn State’s ability to recruit.

#8 Northwestern – 1 commit
QB *** Evan Watkins

A big QB. Curious to see whether he has the quicks to run Northwestern’s scheme, which requires some mobility.

T-9th – Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue (0 commits)

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