Big Ten 2009 Recruiting Class Rankings

Since Scout and Rivals have yet to unveil their class rankings for 2009, here’s a quick rundown of where all the Big Ten schools stand:

#1 Ohio State – 8 commits
DT ***** Johnny Simon
WR **** Chris Fields
CB **** CJ Barnett
MLB **** Storm Klein
MLB **** Jordan Whiting
OT *** Jack Mewhort
S *** Jamie Wood
FB * Adam Homan

As of right now, the rankings are pretty much in order by number of commits. Ohio State leads the way, and their only unranked player, Adam Homan, plays a position that usually doesn’t get more than 3 stars, and never more than 4.

#2 Michigan State – 6 commits
RB ***** Edwin Baker
RB **** Larry Caper
SLB **** Chris Norman
WR *** Donald Spencer
DT * Blake Treadwell
QB * Andrew Maxwell

Michigan State is putting together a pretty decent class so far, though I’d be surprised if they ended the year with the #2 class in the conference. All of their current commits are from Michigan, and they only have 2 guys (Edwin Baker and Chris Norman) that Michigan really wanted. Their unranked players will probably both end up with 3 stars, unless Treadwell garners only 2. When further evaluations come out, I predict that some of their guys (namely the RBs) are more likely to move down than up.

#3 Michigan – 4 commits
DT ***** William Campbell
CB **** Justin Turner
S * Isaiah Bell
RB * Teric Jones

Michigan has but four commits, though it is a good early start to the class. William Campbell is one of the top couple DTs in the nation, and Justin Turner is not far from being a five star. The two unevaluated players, Teric Jones and Isaiah Bell, are prospects with good upside. Jones will be a mid four-star, and Bell will be a high three-star, and potentially a four-star if he has a good senior year.

#4 Illinois – 3 commits
DT **** Lendell Buckner
OT **** Leon Hill
DE **** Melvin Fellows

Having only four-star players committed is never a bad thing (look at Michigan’s 2008 class, with few highly ranked players, but tons of depth), and Illinois is off to a good start. Buckner and Hill both are from Chicago Leo, and have another couple DI prospects on their team. The Illini also lead for a bunch of guys who aren’t yet committed, giving them a lot of room to move up.

#5 Wisconsin – 3 commits
OG * Ryan Groy
DT * Jared Kohout
DE * Shelby Harris

None of the Badgers’ players have been evaluated yet, but all three are trench players, which Wisconsin routinely does a good job evaluating and developing. All three are from America’s Dairyland, where there is never a shortage of pretty good linemen.

#6 Minnesota – 3 commits
QB *** Moses Alipate
C * Ed Olsen
OT * Josh Campion

Minnesota is going through a big scheme change, and needs to recruit players to the new system. After a huge (and pretty good) 2008 recruiting class, Minnesota is not off to a fast start in 2009.

#7 Penn State – 1 commit
C * Ty Howle

The NIttany Lions have only one player committed so far. Howle has yet to be evaluated. Is Joe Paterno’s ever-questionable status hindering the Lions’ recruiting efforts?

T-8th – Indiana, Iowa, Northwestern, Purdue (0 commits)

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