Post-spring Summary: Receiving Corps

Butler (rJr)
Massey (rSr)
Mathews (Jr) Hemingway (So) Clemons (So)
Webb (So) Savoy (rJr) Stonum (Fr) Horn (rFr)
Watson (rFr) Babb (So) Rogers (So)

Arriving in the fall:
Kevin Koger & Brandon Moore (TE), Roy Roundtree (WR), Michael Shaw (also an RB) & Terrence Robinson & Martavious Odoms (Slot). All three slots are essentially guaranteed to see PT. Roundtree might get some spot duty, along with perhaps one of the TEs (not likely). I foresee Redshirts for both TEs and Roundtree.

Clemons could be a monster in the slot, but the position is too important in this offense to have just one body there. He also has a skill set that transfers to outside receiver so he’ll likely see time at both positions. Earnly enrollee Darryl Stonum had an impressive spring, and will probably see significant PT in the fall.

This position group loses nobody except perpetually-injured tight end Mike Massey. For recruiting, they will look for a couple outside WRs and apparently 7,000 slot guys (with two potentially committed in Teric Jones and Fitzgerald Toussaint).

Class of ’09 Wide Receivers
Name Measurables Rating Hometown School Offer? Timetable Player Notes Recruiting Notes
Marlon Brown 6-5, 200 ***** Memphis, TN Harding Academy Offer After signing day 2009. Big outside WR prospect. He has a good off-the-field reputation. USC is strong after him. Michigan is in his top group. Basketball may play a role in his decision. Top 15 schools includes Michigan.
Rueben Randle 6-3, 195, 4.5 ***** Bastrop, LA Bastrop Offer Outside prospect. Everyone who’s anyone is on Randle. LSU has the momentum and in-state status.
Andre Debose 5-11, 176, 4.4 **** Sanford, FL Seminole A really fast guy who plays QB in high school, but probably not in college. The sort of guy who could fill in if necessary. Track results. Has a couple teammates that he might like to go to school with, and Florida State is the favorite for the three of them. Or is Miami?
Bryce McNeal 6-1, 180, 4.46 **** Minneapolis, MN Breck Offer. Army Game Decision. A top performer at the Army Junior Combine. GopherHole interview. Seems high on Michigan (in his top 2 with Minnesota?). He and his girldfriend may go to school together (she is a BBall prospect). GopherHole covers recruiting.
Braxton Lane 5-11, 190, 4.31 **** Tyrone, GA Sandy Creek Offer Perfect fit at the slot position. Also a baseball prospect who may play in college. He won’t rush it, but he won’t hold out until Signing Day either.
Todd Thomas 6-4, 180, 4.55 **** Beaver Falls, PA Beaver Falls Beaver Falls Michigan coaches have been in his school. Outside receiver prospect with his size. He reports a Michigan offer.
James Jackson 5-11, 173, 4.31 **** Grand Ledge, MI Grand Ledge Offer A blazer who could play WR or CB once he gets to college. He seems like a good fit at slot. He wants to do track and football in college. Conventional wisdom had him wanting to leave the state, though that was prior to the RR administration coming in with an offense better suited to his skill set.
Keenan Davis 6-3, 190 **** Cedar Rapids, IA Washington Former Michigan WR Adrian Arrington’s alma mater. Going to Kansas spring game.
Josh Gordon 6-4, 210, 4.5 *** Houston, TX Lamar A definite outside receiver with his size, but he has speed as well. He grew up a Michigan fan (his family is from Michigan).
Fritz Rock 6-0, 188, 4.55 *** Plymouth, MN Wyzata A top performer at the Army Junior Combine. Life story. Football story. Likes Notre Dame early (2-24 junior day).
Nu’Keese Richardson 5-9, 165 **** Pahokee, FL Pahokee Claims offer. Tiny slot WR who was a HS teammate of Martavious Odoms. He grew up a Michigan fan.
Cameron Gordon 6-3, 190 *** Melvindale, MI Melvindale post-visits decision Jump-ball kind of guy. Was impressive at 2007 UM camp. Transferring to Inkster for 2008 season. Prefers receiver over DB. Mutual Notre Dame, MSU, OSU interest. Wants to stay in the midwest.
Dennis Thames 6-0, 195 *** Louisville, MS Louisville Offer His uncle is Marcus Thames of the Detroit Tigers. He is a teammate of dual-threat(ish) QB Clayton Moore. He was a first team all state selection in 2007 according to the Clarion Ledger. Thinks Michigan is close to offering.

Michigan will need 2-3 slot guys (with 2 potentially committed already, in Teric Jones and Fitzgerald Toussaint (see RB)), and about 2 outside receivers. James Jackson seems like another slot-type guy that could potentially end up with Michigan, though he appears to be digging OSU of late. Bryce McNeal is currently the strongest shot at an outside receiver.

Class of ’09 Tight Ends
Name Measurables Rating Hometown School Offer? Timetable Player Notes Recruiting Notes
Dion Sims 6-5, 240 **** Orchard Lake, MI Saint Mary’s Offer Many I’ve spoken to like him more as a DE (he plays rush LB in HS). He is a big scorer for the OLSM basketball team, and is also interested in that sport for college. His dad apparently works for UM in some capacity.
Terrell Mitchell 6-5, 210 *** Powder Springs, GA McEachern Offer He claims that he has a couple of SEC offers, so he is no slouch. Probably a TE or DE in college. Something tells me we don’t need any more TEs, so his offer is probably as a big WR or DE. Michigan is his favorite, over South Carolina.
Reid Fragel 6-7, 255, 4.88 *** Grosse Pointe, MI GP South His size intrigues me. At his height, I wonder if he could put on enough weight to become a very athletic OT. He’s visited Notre Dame a lot (2-24 junior day). His dad played at State, and his brother played for State’s TE coach at Miami. Notre Dame, Michigan , Northwestern current top 3.

If Fragel were to commit, he probably wouldn’t end up at TE. Sims and Mitchell are big TEs with WR speed, though I still maintain that Sims’s best future position would be DE (where he could be an absolute terror).

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  1. RJHOVE says...

    In the spread you line up with at least one mismatch for a lineback or safety. If the defense is forced into the dime that will open up the middle for the run game…Another thing that I noticed we could make a very good track team with our slot position.

  2. RJHOVE says...

    Will there be another depth chart at the end of summer that you will post?

  3. RJHOVE says...

    I just saw his footage. Sims would be a beast at DE like Julius Peppers.

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