Programming Update

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be boarding a plane and heading out of the country for two weeks. Fear not, however. I have written a few posts that will be published over the course of my absence, and Paul should be able to come through with at least a little content.

The one area that I expect to fall behind (at least a little) is recruiting coverage. If I have internet access on my trip, I will try to keep up with the Monday-Friday schedule, but I make no promises of regular coverage. If there is big news, i.e. commitments, Paul should be able to take care of them.

Thanks to all the loyal readers, and even if you don’t visit as frequently while I’m gone, mark May 29th on your calendars, and look forward to that date.

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  1. RJHOVE says...

    Have fun…hopefully we have B Meezy by the time you are back.

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