Recruiting Update 6-30-08

Today’s update will be a little behind because a bunch of stuff came out in the last 24 hours, and I’m still getting accustomed to the new board, and I don’t want to leave you, the loyal reader, waiting. That stuff will either wait until friday, or find its way into a third recruiting update for this week.

Ain’t nobody.

New Information:
MS WR/S Dennis Thames. Discusses possibly being a package deal with teammate Clayton Moore. More has committed to Ole Miss in the time since this article.
FL RB Vincent Smith. Fluff.
MA OL Brennan Williams. Top 6 of Mich, Duke, BC, Maryland, UVa, Wake.
FL TE Orson Charles. Midwest tour doesn’t include Michigan.

GE TE Jim Teknipp. Committed to UCF.
MI RB Malek Redd. Committed to Central Michigan.
PA DE Jack Lippert. Pitt commit.

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    That was one of the many oversights in my rush to get the update published this morning. He’ll be off with the next update.

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