Big Ten 2009 Recruiting Class Rankings 7-19-08

Scout unveiled a new set of rankings, but I’m not going to bother updating the stars for now, since I’m planning to switch to Rivals’ rankings son anyway.

Action since last rankings:
7-12-08 Michigan State gains commitment from Bennie Fowler. Penn state gains commitment from Nate Cadogan.
7-13-08 N0tre Dame gains commitment from Chris Watt. Michigan State gains commitment from Derek Hoebing.
7-14-08 Indiana gains commitment from Mitch Ewald. Indiana gains commitment from Pat McShane.
7-15-08 Purdue gains commitment from Kris Cooke.
7-16-08 Illinois gains commitment from Nathan Scheelhaase. Indiana gains commitment from Lawrence Barnett.
7-17-08 Indiana gains commitment from Dustin Kiel.
7-18-08 Indiana gains commitment from Charles Champan.

New Rankings:

#1 Ohio State – 24 commits
DT ***** Johnny Simon
LB ***** Dorian Bell
DE ***** Melvin Fellows
CB **** CJ Barnett
WR **** James Jackson
MLB **** Storm Klein
MLB **** Jordan Whiting
RB **** Jordan Hall
OG **** Corey Linsley
OT **** Jack Mewhort
S **** Jamie Wood
WR **** Duron Carter
WR **** Justin Green
RB **** Carlos Hyde
CB **** Corey Brown
S *** Bradley McDougald
DE *** Jonathan Newsome
TE *** Reid Fragel
DT *** Adam Bellamy
WR *** Chris Fields
FB *** Adam Homan
LB *** Zach Boren
CB *** Dominic Clarke
OL *** Sam Longo

Sam Longo commits. OSU probably has 3-4 slots left for people like Marcus Hall, Jaamal Berry, etc.

#2 Michigan – 12 commits
DT ***** William Campbell
QB ***** Kevin Newsome
CB **** Justin Turner
QB **** Shavodrick Beaver
WR **** Bryce McNeal
RB **** Teric Jones
RB *** Fitzgerald Toussaint
WR *** DeWayne Peace
OL *** Michael Schofield
S *** Isaiah Bell
LB *** Jordan Barnes
WR *** Jeremy Gallon

Michigan is waiting for more commits.

#3 Penn State – 16 commits
OT ***** Eric Shrive
CB **** Darrell Givens
DE **** Sean Stanley
OT **** Mark Arcidiacono
S *** Stephen Obeng-Agyapong
S *** Malcolm Willis
S *** Derrick Thomas
QB *** Curtis Drake
C *** Ty Howle
CB *** Stephon Morris
WR *** Brandon Felder
OT *** Adam Gress
RB *** Curtis Dukes
OL *** Nate Cadogan
OG * Frank Figueroa
WR * Christian Kuntz

Nate Cadogan commitment is now official. Figueroa and Kuntz figure to be low three-star types, maybe dropping in twos.

#4 Notre Dame – 12 commits
RB ***** Cierre Wood
OL ***** Chris Watt
MLB **** Carlo Calabrese
RB **** Theo Riddick
DT **** Tyler Stockton
OL **** Alex Bullard
CB **** Marlon Pollard
TE *** Jake Golic
TE *** Tyler Eifert
LB *** Dan Fox
P * Ben Turk
K * Nicholas Tausch

Chris Watt commits, failing to realize that ND OL have underperformed horrifically in recent times. Turk and Tausch have a rating ceiling of high three-stars (standard for non-all-world kickers).

#5 Wisconsin – 9 commits
DT **** Jared Kohout
OG *** Ryan Groy
DE *** Shelby Harris
QB *** Jon Budmayr
OT *** Zac Matthias
RB *** Montee Ball
TE *** Brian Wozniak
MLB * Chris Borland
OL * Travis Frederick

Wisconsin’s OL commits get a bonus half0star because of their inherent Wisconsin-ness. Borland will be a mid three-star, frederick a high three.

#6 Michigan State – 12 commits
RB **** Edwin Baker
RB **** Larry Caper
SLB **** Chris Norman
WR *** Donald Spencer
DT *** Blake Treadwell
QB *** Andrew Maxwell
WR *** Patrick White
WR *** Dana Dixon
OL * Micajah Reynolds
OL * Nate Klatt
WR * Bennie Fowler
TE * Derek Hoebing

Bennie Fowler and Derek Hoebing commit. Reynolds will be a low three-star, as will Klatt and probably Fowler. Hoebing may end up a high two-star.

#7 Minnesota – 8 commits
QB **** Moses Alipate
RB *** Hasan Lipscomb
C *** Ed Olsen
OT *** Josh Campion
WR * Victor Keise
DE * Nick Rengel
OL * Brooks Michel
K * Dan Orseske

Keise, Rengel, and Michel probably low-3/high-2 guys. Orseske will end up a high two.

#8 Illinois – 5 commits
DT **** Lendell Buckner
OT **** Leon Hill
QB **** Nathan Scheelhaase
WR *** Steve Hull
CB ** Joelil Thrash
FB * Greg Fuller

Thrash will be a mid three-star, Fuller a high two.

#9 Indiana – 11 commits
LB *** Jeremy Gainer
QB *** Edward Wright-Baker
DT *** Adam Replogle
WR *** Jamonne Chester
WR *** Duwyce Wilson
OL *** Charles Chapman
QB *** Dustin Kiel
CB ** Lawrence Barnett
DE ** Josh Keyt
S ** Nick Zachery
S ** Kenny Watkins
S ** Demetrius Carr
S ** Ted Bolser
OL ** Pat McShane
K * Mitch Ewald

Dustin Kiel, Lawrence Barnett, Charles Chapman, Mitch Ewald, and Pat McShane commit. While the Hoosiers have a lot of commitments (which would rank them higher in many ranking systems) their abundance of 2-star guys really limits where this class can end up.

#10 Northwestern – 4 commits
QB *** Evan Watkins
RB * Mike Trumpy
DE * Anthony Battle
WR * Drew Moulton

Trumpy and Battle will be low threes, Moulton a high two.

#11 Purdue – 3 commits
S * Ishmael Aristide
WR * Gary Bush
DT **** Kris Cooke

Aristide could end up a high three-star. He was on the verge of being a big prospect before a bad junior year injury. Bush will be a mid three-star. The Boilermakers pass Iowa.

#12 Iowa – 2 commits
OT *** David Barrent
FB * Brad Rogers

Ferentz’s glory days in recruiting seem to be over. Rogers will end up a low two-star.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Obes says...

    schofield and gallon have been rated 4 stars on rivals, it doesn’t really matter it just looks better

  2. Josh says...

    You use scout’s rankings? They are awful all over the place.

    As for Iowa — David Barrent should be a 4*.

    Also, fascinated to know your thoughts on Indiana’s entry into the state of Michigan for recruiting, Tim. I believe they have 4 guys from Michigan committed.

  3. Paul says...

    I wonder if that means that MSU is getting better players outside of Michigan so they don’t have to pick up the crumbs or if MSU is just losing its grip on said crumbs.

  4. Tim says...

    First two comments:

    I plan to switch to the Rivals rankings eventually (they are kinder to Michigan in this particular class, and generally better overall in my opinion). It’ll come whenever there is a week without 30,000 commitments.

    As for Indiana, that is a good question, and I think Paul’s answer may be on the right target, but a little off.

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