First Official Depth Chart Released

Items of note (obviously subject to major change after fall camp):

  • Your OL (from left to right): Ortmann, McAvoy, Moosman, Zirbel, Schilling.
  • Starting TE: Butler or Massey.
  • Greg Mathews and JR Hemingway starting split ends.
  • Toney Clemons starting slot, backed by… Jim Potempa?
  • Threet and Sheridan listed as co-starter at QB.
  • Moundros over Helmuth at FB.
  • RB: Minor over a three-way tie between Brown, Grady, and Horn.
  • Starting linebackers: S-Austin Panter, M-Obi Ezeh OR Johnny Thompson, W-Marell Evans OR Jonas Mouton.
  • SS listed as BHarrison OR CStewart.
  • Return specialists: Punt – Warren, Kick – Brandons Minor and Harrison.

The VB Depth chart will probably be updated in short order, as part of the team preview.

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8 Comments so far

  1. Obes says...

    idc what anyone says, nick sheridan will not be the starter

  2. Anonymous says...

    dear god OR charles stewart?

  3. Anonymous says...

    i feel like this is going to change a lot once the freshman get there

  4. Anonymous says...

    No link? Where was it released? Can’t find it on Mgoblue.com.

  5. Tim says...

    It’s in the weekly release on Mgbolue.

  6. RJHOVE says...

    something tells me this lineup will change a lot…There will be quite a few position battles…outside wr…slot…linebackers, safety, and nickelback

  7. Shane says...

    Sheridan as a co-starter? No way, Threet will be the full-time starter by the first game.

  8. Matthew says...

    can naurato return kicks too?

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