Negative Recruiting Debunk: Spread QBs

Listed below are statistics of Quarterbacks in the top 100 rushers in a given year. Immediately below each one, there is a snippet on where each one was drafted, or how they did in the NFL. As you can see, the number of times a quarterback rushes the ball has little bearing on where he will be drafted. Rather, it is a matter of which skills you have.

Player Class Rushes Yds Passes Eff
Michael Desormeaux Jr 188 1141
Pat White Jr 197 1335 216 151.4
Jake Locker Fr 172 986
Dan LeFevour So 188 1122 543 133.5
K-N Kaheaku-Enhada Jr 180 834
Stephen McGee Jr 181 899 364 117.8
Tim Tebow So 210 895 350 172.5
Matt Grothe So 198 872 392 121.0
Zac Robinson So 140 879 333 149.0

All of these players are back in college this year, but several of them are NFL-bound. Pat White will be a first day pick as a receiver, and Tim Tebow and Dan LeFevour are locks to be eventual NFL draft picks. Grothe will probably also make it to the NFL, along with Jake Locker, Matt Grothe, and maybe Zac Robinson.

Player Class Rushes Yds Passes Eff
Julian Edelman Jr 169 658 232 124.4
Pat White So 165 1219
James Starks Fr 175 704
Chris Nickson So 146 694 292 122.8
Bernard Jackson Jr 155 677 219 103.3

None of these players made it to the NFL (yet, as several are still eligible).

Player Class Rushes Yds Passes Eff
Brad Smith Sr 229 1301 399 114.1
Vince Young Jr 155 1050 325 163.9
Pat White Fr 151 932
Lamar Owens Sr 213 880
Michael Robinson Sr 163 806 311 127.2
Reggie McNeal Sr 96 664 265 128.6
Shaun Carney So 170 710

I think we all know how Vince Young made out after leaving Texas (3rd overall in 2006). Reggie McNeal was picked as a receiver in the 6th round. Brad Smith went in the 4th round at receiver, and Michael Robinson was a fellow 4th-rounder as a running back.

Player Class Rushes Yds Passes Eff
Vince Young So 167 1079 343 128.5
Josh Cribbs Sr 170 893 335 133.2
Aaron Polanco Sr 246 980
Walter Washington Jr 222 889 332 118.5
Rasheed Marshall Sr 169 861 242 143.4
Drew Stanton Jr 96 687 220 131.8
Joel Armstrong Fr 114 608

Rasheed Marshall (who played for Rich Rodriguez at WVU) was a 5th-round pick as a receiver. Josh Cribbs went undrafted, but is still playing in the NFL as a receiver/returner for the Cleveland Browns. Drew Stanton was the 2nd-round pick of the Detroit Lions in 2006, and is expected to challenge for their starting position this year.

Also, for the record, Michael Vick was a number 1 overall draft pick, despite only actually playing college football for 2 years, and being as far from a prototypical NFL quarterback as you can imagine. Offensive style doesn’t dictate where a “system quarterback” will be drafted. Instead, it is skill that is paramount. NFL GMs can tell if a guy has an NFL arm, regardless of whether he’s running the zone-read (Vince Young), a different type of running spread (Tim Tebow), or a passing-oriented offense (Dan LeFevour, among others).

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  1. cfaller96 says...

    Tim, good info. I assume you got this info from the NCAA’s stats archive. Do you have any ideas about where I could go to get archived data on injuries to QBs?

    I’d like to debunking the (IMO) myth that QBs that run get injured more than pocket QBs. I don’t believe this is true, and using these QBs (i.e. those that are in the Top 100 of rushing) is a good start.

    Anyway, do you know of any sources for QB injuries?

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