Blogpoll Preliminary Ballot: Week 5

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma 1
2 LSU 4
3 Alabama 14
4 Texas 1
5 Missouri 3
6 Penn State 1
7 Brigham Young 4
8 South Florida 4
9 Florida 6
10 Southern Cal 9
11 Oklahoma State 2
12 Auburn 2
13 Ohio State 3
14 Texas Tech 1
15 Georgia 11
16 Utah
17 Kansas 1
18 Illinois 4
19 Vanderbilt 4
20 Boise State 4
21 Fresno State
22 Florida State 4
23 Virginia Tech 3
24 Wake Forest 5
25 Northwestern 1

Dropped Out: Wisconsin (#9), Miami (Florida) (#20), Clemson (#25).

Games Watched: USC-Oregon State, much of Louisville-UConn, Ohio State-Minnesota, First half of Michigan State-Indiana, Most of UMiami-UNC, Michigan-Wisconsin (live only), A tiny portion of Oklahoma-TCU, Georgia-Alabama, Penn State-Illinois. Less than usual because the Michigan game wiped me out. Plus I forgot to DVR things.

Yeah, so I’m not particularly enthused about this ballot. Plus, I didn’t get a chance to watch as many games as I would have liked. So, let me have it, I know I deserve it this week.

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  1. santoro says...

    I dont understand dropping Wisconsin ALL the way out..

  2. Cool Blue says...

    May I ask why Illinois up 4?

  3. Matt says...

    Watching Pryor in the backfield with a healthy Chris Wells didn’t strike fear into your heart? It’s going to be Dennis Dixon/Jonathan Stewart redux in late November. They are better than a #13 but don’t know who else to kick out of the top 12..

    Illinois up 4? Wisco out completely? If Graham is healthy enough to play the whole game it’s unlikely Michigan comes back for that win, or is ever in a position to win.

  4. Anonymous says...

    I don’t see dropping Georgia to 15. They lost to a good ranked opponent. Their loss was by no means as embarrassing as SoCal’s semi-annual chokejob against an inferior mid Pac-10 team. Also, Wisconsin doesn’t quite deserve to drop all the way out.

  5. Anonymous says...

    I honestly think your a little too reactionary, I wouldn’t drop Wisconsin all the way out because they lost a close game on the road.

  6. Tim says...

    Responding to the comments thus far (keep in mind that I admitted I didn’t really like my ballot to start with):

    I didn’t mean to drop Wisconsin all the way out; that was an oversight. They’ll likely still be top-20 (certainly ahead of Fresno).
    Illinois probably won’t stay up there. However, their only two losses were fairly competitive ones against top-5 opponents. I guess their quality of wins should keep them a little lower.
    Ohio State didn’t move down because of anything poor they did, but rather because teams above them moved up. I may reconsider a couple of those (Oklahoma State), so they might bump up a bit.
    Georgia will probably end up a bit higher in the final, because they did face a quality opponent. However, they weren’t even competitive in that game.

    Keep the comments coming to help improve the final ballot.

  7. Anonymous says...

    Given that you’re now ranking illinois up and wisky NR, what do you predict for Michigan this weekend

  8. kowisja says...

    Is it just me or is USF going to the MNC?

    Ohio State over UGA? Really? Are you still going with a resume hybrid? The lack of power poll is evident.

  9. I know nothing says...

    It’s tough when the upsets start on judging how far to drop teams. So looking at losses—

    USC got manhandled in that game, on the road, final score did not reflect the physical beating they took.

    Georgia, without the two late scores gets blown out. Never in that game.

    Florida, while the score was close, it is ole miss, at home. Another bad loss.

    And we all love UM, but on a national stage, UW has a terrible loss.

    So I guess yes, all the teams that lost should take big steps backwards. And get NWestern out of the top 25, FSU down a spot or two, UW back in, BYU back to about 10, Illini out of the top 25, look at their wins, not just losses, and……….yeah that is about it. Man is college football fk’ed up.

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