Big Ten Bloggers Roundtable: Jeopardy Edition

Hosted by The Only Game that Matters.

1) Jay Paterno and the Spread HD

What is: maybe JayPa isn’t that bad after all, and Anthony Morelli is just clinically retarded? Obviously, he knows how to craft a functioning offense of some sort. Maybe it was Morelli, not Jay holding the team back in 2006 and 2007.

2) Joe Tiller’s Mustache

What is: the inspiration for Danny Hope’s Mustache?

3) The Color Purple

Please see this video, 15 seconds in:

4) Brains

What is: Joe Paterno’s entire diet? Oh, and Ovaltine. Brains and Ovaltine, yummy.

5) Hawkeye State

Is this supposed to be some sort of reference to Iowa? Hey, I answered in the form of a question and I didn’t even mean to! Either way, both teams in the state of Iowa kinda suck.

6) Rudy

Who is: Shitty midget?

7) Knee Ligaments

What is: the least functional portion of Sean Lee’s body?
(Note: I said least functional, not least used. Interpret that as you will).

8) Terrell Pryor

Why am: I fucking terrified of Ohio State?

9) Mark May

Who is: someone who only appears intelligent because he is alongside Lou Holtz.

10) Rich Rodriguez

Who is: going to terrorize the big Ten within a few years (I hope)?

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  1. tbliggins says...

    RE: Mark May

    Sorry, that was close, but incorrect. We were looking for “Who is someone who makes Lou Holtz appear intelligent?”

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