Blogpoll Final Ballot: Week 6

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma
2 Alabama
3 Penn State 1
4 Missouri 1
5 Texas
7 Georgia 2
8 Florida 2
9 Southern Cal 2
10 Brigham Young 2
11 Ohio State 1
12 Utah 3
13 Oklahoma State
14 Texas Tech 2
15 Vanderbilt 3
16 South Florida 9
17 Kansas
18 Illinois 1
19 Virginia Tech 5
20 Boise State 1
21 Michigan State 5
22 Florida State 1
23 Kentucky 3
24 Pittsburgh 2
25 Northwestern 1

Dropped Out: Auburn (#14), Wisconsin (#20), Fresno State (#22), Wake Forest (#25).

Changes: Moved Illinois down slightly. Moved BYU down, because their schedule really does suck. Moved Northwestern in, replacing Cincinnati.

I still don’t think Auburn deserves to be ranked. Whether they’ve won or lost, the team has looked terrible either way. They’re not going to be ranked on the basis of “8th best team in the SEC is still the 9th best team in the country ROLLL TAAAAAAAHDE.”

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  1. Matthew Hoelle says...

    With Auburn unranked, then that hurts the resume of LSU (who are going to take out Tebow, isn’t that desirable in Big Blue nation?) and lends doubt to Vandy at #15. With the conference schedule incomplete, it seems to make sense to rank the teams within the power conferences and then see whether or not that 6th best team in the SEC (Auburn) could beat the 3rd or 4th best teams from other conferences (Northwestern).

  2. Tim says...

    Re: your first point. Auburn’s precipitous drop does in fact hurt bot LSU (slightly) and Vanderbilt (slightly more). When selecting amongst the undefeated teams, Auburns general shittiness doesn’t help boost the resumes of either team to a great degree.

    About ranking within power conferences: This is intended to be a resume poll, not a power poll. Thus “would XSU beat UofY” shouldn’t really be a factor, just which team has compiled a more complete resume thus far.

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