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1. We’re approaching week 9 now, are you pleasantly surprised or already waiting for basketball season?

Uh, neither. The season is going crappily (though only slightly worse than expected), though basketball season won’t be much better. I think the rest of the season is going to be crucial to the mental well-being of many a Michigan fan.

2. Describe one specific play from this season you would alter for a different outcome if you had the chance to.

Just one? How about the “fumble play” every time we’ve run it. Doesn’t count? I guess the failed 2-point conversion against Utah to tie the game could have set an entirely different tone for the season, so for lack of better options, I guess that. One of the early fumbles in the Notre Dame game that really gave them momentum are regrettable as well. I guess the pick-6 against Toledo was the catalyst for the low point this season, so that will be my final answer. THERE ARE JUST SO MANY OPTIONS!

3. How could it (#2) possibly impact the way your season is going?

The Toledo pick would have just changed the outcome of that one game, which would have been a highly desirable change, I guess. However, if the Utah game had ended in a Michigan win, who knows where we might be right now? 5-2, probably.

4. Big Ten player you just can’t stand, why?

Pryor. Only because I covet him.

5. Boo’ing your own team (we’ve seen quite a lot of this across the Big Ten this season), your feelings on this.

Hate. Hate hate hate. I wrote about about this when it first happened against Wisconsin, but I don’t really think it’s that necessary to link it. The reasoning should be obvious enough. By the way, why is there a bonus apostrophe in the word “booing?”

Bonus Round

1. Number of beers or alcoholic drinks consumed by week 8 (or a good estimate)

Enough, but not too many.

2. Most annoying commercial seen this season

Any of the terrible Wisconsin or PSU ads that are seen primarily on BTN. The Penn State ones are particularly eye-gougingly corny, in a completely “One Shining Moment” way.

3. Your prediction for the next coaching change in the Big Ten (Joe Tiller exempt)

Have to think Ferentz is out at Iowa if they don’t make a bowl, considering they have had tons of off-field troubles this year. Paterno is likely gone one way or the other, and definitely so if PSU makes it to the championship game.

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