12-16-08 Recruiting Update

Recruiting Boards:
2009 & 2010.

2009 LA DT Commit DeQuinta Jones was his district’s Defensive Player of the Year. Teammate Rueben Randle, who is nominally still listing Michigan, was his offensive counterpart. Picture by Kita Wright of the Bastrop Daily Enterprise.

Chalk another Michigan commit up to the national All-star game list:

a Michigan-bound Tiger football player will be headed to San Antonio for the
All-American Bowl, as J.T. Turner has been chosen to play in the ninth edition
of the game on Saturday, Jan. 3 at the Alamodome.

As the date approaches, I’ll make sure to keep you updated on who to watch in each game.

2009 MD RB Tavon Austin decision details:

Austin has narrowed college choices to West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan and North Carolina. He said he will wait to decide until the Feb. 4 signing date.

This is consistent with what has been coming out of the Austin camp recently. It wouldn’t seem that Michigan has a great shot at him, but with McGuffie leaving, the situation with Austin can only be helped.

Removed FL S Jonathan Scott from the 2009 board:

And now, Jonathan will choose between West Virginia, South Carolina and Alabama, the three schools that have offered him a free ride so far.

After getting on him early, Michigan never really seemed to be a real player for Scott, so this is no surprise.

2009 SC DE Sam Montgomery will visit Michigan in January. The 4-star is favoring LSU over the Wolverines, UNC, Tennessee, Oregon, and the in-state South Carolina schools.

Removed MI TE Dion Sims from the 2009 board. I was never high on him as a recruit for Michigan (we don’t need a TE in this class, and he doesn’t seem to have the nasty edge to play DE – never mind the fact that his heart isn’t in football at all). He will choose between Ohio State, Michigan State, and Miami of Florida.

Added to the 2009 board: AL LB Tana Patrick. Info in a Scout Header:

Alabama linebacker Tana Patrick still denies a leader, but mentioned Alabama, Auburn, Michigan, Miami, Florida State and LSU as his six favorites

2010 OH LB Scott McVey was Player of the Year according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He should be a bigtime recruit not too far down the road. Ohio State has already offered.

Pahokee is likely to be a recruiting point of emphasis for the foreseeable future. 2010 Slot Dennis Hall highlights from SoFlaFootball:

Dennis Hall from SoFLAfootball on Vimeo.

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7 Comments so far

  1. Santoro says...

    What is your guys’ take on our chances with Jelani Jenkins? From what I have seen/heard he looks like a ND/PSU lean (both of which make no sense to me). I dont know what anyone else thinks, but to me I think he is the most important player out there for us. I really like how we have recruited up front and in the backfield on D, but I think we are still weak at a position of glaring weakness – LB. I dont have to tell anyone how awful the LB play was last season, and I believe that is what sunk the D.
    I understand that we had a nice crop last year (but 2 left) and that Bell may be switched there, but I was looking for another nice class of athletic LBs and now that Barnes has decommited I am very concerned (I am not very high at all on Hawthorn). If not Jenkins do we have a good shot at anyone else? I guess I am just a little dismayed that I am not hearing more about this position which in my opinion is one of huge need…

  2. I know nothing says...

    Jenkins is a Florida lean. He is considering still visiting PSU, but after that his dad said they will have to see. He loved his Florida trip this weekend, and I would be shocked if he picked anyone but them now. Not going to ND.

  3. Tim says...

    Michigan is in his top 5, which looks something like this:
    1. Florida
    Cavernous Gaping Hole
    2. Penn State
    Cavernous Gaping Hole
    3-5 Michigan, Maryland, and whoever the 5th school that I can’t recall is are about even.

  4. Santoro says...

    Ugh..yeah..so, not good. Then that leaves us with Telort (USC/UF = no chance), Patrick (SATAN = no chance), and Ankrah (who is a DE)? That looks like suck to me… Am I missing anything or we just screwed at LB? Or am I just blowing the lack of (good) LB depth out of preportion?

  5. Jesse says...

    Man it seems like we are getting a lot of recruits out of Pahokee and we have three commits from there already and if they play like Marty Odoms then i say keeping them coming. Michigan should be could Pahokee U

  6. Santoro says...

    …yeah we def need more guys who cant catch a goddamn punt!

  7. Taloopips says...

    Хм, отличная статья ;)

    (Translation: Hmm, an excellent article – Ed.)


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