2009 Recruiting Update 12-29-08

Since there is so much recruiting info for me to catch up on, I’ll separate the 2009 and 2010 information this time, in order to fit as much stuff in as I can. The board lives here, and can always be found via the left sidebar.

I’ll start with the bombshell-ish info: William Campbell, thought to be heavily leaning to Michigan despite his decommitment, has basically eliminated the Wolverines from contention upon his arrival at the Army All-American game (free Rivals video). I’ll leave him on the board for now, mostly out of hope, rather than any actual fact. From the interview, it sounds like LSU is going to get the hat pulled out by Campbell on Saturday. :(

He won’t be added to the recruiting board, as per VB policy (soon to change for the 2010 board, because it’s tough keeping track of these guys without adding all their info to the board), but LA WR Travante Stallworth, an Auburn commit, is getting some attention from Michigan (info in header). It certainly sounds like he may be swayed, if another school really wants him (info in header again).

SC DE Sam Montgomery is still on the board, though he seems far less enthused about Michigan (we’re near Detroit!) than he did earlier in the recruiting process, and has named LSU his leader. He was involved in the Shrine Bowl (warning: super fluffy), and though the article’s title is “Montgomery stays patient in the recruiting process,” there isn’t one bit of information about recruiting, so it’s just something to read if you want nice quotes about a kid, including his stats:

Montgomery, 6-foot-5, 235 pounds, had 111 tackles including 11 sacks, three forced fumbles, and one fumble recovery this season while mainly playing linebacker. He played on the varsity team for the past three years.

…and his altruistic side:

“I’m going to keep on battling until I make it to the (NFL), so I can give some of my signing bonus (to the Shriners Hospitals for Children). This will be one of the main organizations I give to.”

Although he took in a South Carolina bowl practice,  they are in the “middle of the pack” with everyone else in his final group, save favorite LSU. Speaking of Montgomery, this article also mentions him, but more interesting are the following two tidbits of information:

DB Dre Kirkpatrick (6-3, 190) of Gadsden, Ala., will visit Alabama, Florida and Texas for sure in January. He’s only planning four visits and for the final trip he’s considering Clemson, Southern California, LSU, Michigan and Auburn… DB Jaron [sic] Hosley  (5-10, 172) of Delray Beach, Fla., will visit Ohio State, Michigan, South Florida and Clemson in January.

After not mentioning Michigan throughout most of the summer, Kirkpatrick has picked up interest in the Wolverines again, it seems. Lord knows we need him. Jayron Hosley‘s Ohio state visit is confirmed by Bucknuts.

JC DE Pernell McPhee was though to be leaning to Michigan following his official visit, and the former Pahokee Blue Devil did not sign with Mississippi State (where he has been softly committed) on JC signing day. However, he has also been to Florida on an official visit recently, and the subheadline “Will Pernell McPhee stay with Mississippi State or will he play for another SEC program?” makes it sound like maybe the Wolverines missed their opportunity with Pernell.

OH OL Henry Conway was at the spring game, but hasn’t really been on the Michigan fan’s radar since. However, he is leaving a date open for an official visit, and will take it if the Wolverines end up offering him (info in header).

UNC CB commit Josh Hunter is still considering a Michigan official, and he’s looking at the January 17th weekend.

LSU insiders don’t exactly seem to be kicking themselves for missing on LA DT commit DeQuinta Jones, but they certainly think he’ll be a good player down the road:

The best defensive lineman in the state that no one ever talks about is Bastrop’s Dequinta Jones (6’3 275), who runs a 4.8 forty and can play the game as well as any in the country. Jones is committed to Michigan, and I predict he will start after one year and play as a true freshman for the Wolverines.

I assume this assertion is not in any way intended to imply that he is not a soft commit (as has been rumored), but rather a compliment of the caliber of player he is. Michigan fans are certainly excited to see DD in maize and Blue.

Next on the list of “I still believe in Michigan” articles of current commits: Fitzgerald Toussaint. It’s not just fluff though. There are three videos in the article, so check it out.

I’ve added LA LB Barkevious Mingo to the board. Sam Webb lets us know he plans to visit January 9th weekend.

And of course, the day I talked only about QBs, I forgot to mention them, but I’ve decided to add A.J. Westendorp and Nader Furrha to the board. Both are likely preferred-walkon candidates, though if the QB recruiting situation becomes extra-dire, one of them might get offered.

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  1. Santoro says...


  2. Bob says...

    So I assume you don’t think he is enrolled at Michigan?

  3. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    Why not take Will at his word? He said he wanted to leave Michigan… if I said I wanted to leave Michigan wouldn’t you likely believe me? After all you know me as well as you know Will. I for one, think he is going to go south, you know, because he said he was going to.

  4. vblue says...

    When did I say I’m not taking him at his word?

  5. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    Sorry Vblue, that was aimed at Bob.

    I just dont like to see people say “Oh he is just messing with us. He is a jokester! That crazy Will.”

    If he says he doesn’t want to be here then he doesn’t want to be here. Don’t set yourself up for a letdown.

  6. CRhoades says...

    Maybe if everyone would have just backed off him a little, we would not be sitting here guessing if he is shooting straight. The kid deserves his chance to be in the spotlight, because it is one that we have created through our endless need to know everything. Leave this be, and let the kid decide. Best of luck to him wherever he goes. He seems like a good kid.

  7. Santoro says...

    hey ann arbor, how does your hatched chicken taste now?

  8. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    For the record Santoro, it tastes like Balut.

  9. Santoro says...

    Lol… good one. I think this recruiting year has mostly been one big balut sandwich, served with a side of raw stinky tofu and haggis for dessert.

  10. Andrew says...

    AA1879, Bob’s comment was a reference to the recent post about somebody named “William Campbell” having enrolled at UM for the winter semester. It has nothing to do with “tak[ing] Will at his word.”

  11. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    So Bob is talking about a random kid named William Campbell and asking vblue if he thinks the random kid is enrolled? Sorry I didnt pick that up the first time… no I think Bob is asking vblue if he thinks William Campbell is not enrolled and in asking is basically calling William Campbell a liar. Why isn’t he taking Will at his word? Will said he didn’t want to come here. Why not believe the words out of his mouth rather than some unique name entry? End.

  12. Steve says...

    Another previous commit going somewhere else. I’m getting an uneasy feeling.

    …At least there is basketball.

  13. asdf says...

    well steve when it comes out your rear grab a spoon a shove it back in your mouth!! jeeeeeeeez

  14. bouje says...

    @AA1879 yeah because there are a ton of William Campbells in the directory (3) and he just happened to pop up at the exact same time as other early enrollee’s… Coincidence that a William Campbell would transfer the same day as an early enrollee football player… I’m going to say is 0%…

    His mom didn’t go with him on any of his visits… While I’m pessimistic now about Will I’m not completely “OMG THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END” like some of you… Get a grip

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