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I got a couple tickets to the Oakland game at the Palace this Saturday, but due to a unfortunate sequence of events, I can’t go to the game.  This should be a really interesting game to go see as it’s Laval Lucas-Perry’s first game, and since it’s not at an NCAA they may serve alcohol (although not as important with Michigan’s newly found competance!).

Unfortunately, up until a little bit ago, I thought I was going to the game, so this is a bit last minute.  You’ll have to be able to pick up the tickets in Ann Arbor.

To enter just leave a comment on why you should be given a pair of tickets to the Michigan/Oakland basketball game.

Winner will be announced and contacted sometime Friday, so if you enter, check your e-mail.

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  1. Drew G says...

    I’m not going to sit here and say I am the most die hard Michigan basketball fan on the face of the planet. But I am an avid follower of the team, through thick and thin. I was right there watching every game during last year’s struggle. But the real reason I would love to have these tickets is because I went to high school with Oakland’s leading scorer, Erik Kangas. And having the opportunity to see him compete against my favorite team is ideal.

  2. Ethan S says...

    I am a Freshman at U-M, and I have lived in Ann Arbor for my whole life. I have only been alive for Ellerbe/Amaker eras, and therefore have never been able to cheer for promising-looking team. Michigan finally looks like it has a chance to go to the tournament, and I would like to be there every step of the way.

  3. I know nothing says...

    Cause I comment more than anyone. Give em to me bitch. Or not. Sorry for the swear words. Bitch.

    Okay. Here goes. Cause I took my kid to the Appy/UM game for his birthday, as a gift. And it is the gift that just keeps fucking giving. So I would take him to this game, as his first BB game, and we might win. What ya think? He’s 11.

  4. Troy Wilbert says...

    I have never been to a Michigan basketball game and I would love to experience my first in this new era of Michigan hoops. Thanks for your generous offer and Go Blue.

  5. Kenny G says...

    I attended the Michigan-NW game this year, and stayed throughout the entire game, until the clock read zero. I then went to the Bball scrimmage and managed to get a Baseball cap signed by the team which I’m writing the scores of every major victory of this Michigan team on, like some sick trophy.

  6. Pat says...

    I am not going to say why I deserve these tickets first, but actually cut holes in other people’s arguments.
    Check my style out:

    Drew G: He is probably not going to root his hardest for Michigan, because of the while mixed allegiance thing.

    Ethan S: Come on man. He’s a freshman, nobody likes freshmen, nobody. And if he really was a fan in the Amaker years, he would have remembered the promising looking teams of those times, such as when we were ranked in the top 25 and fell apart, and also when we won the NIT. He is lying to you. He was never a true fan.

    I know nothing: First, he called you a bitch. Not cool man. Not cool. Second, he took his kid to App State! BAD LUCK MAN!!! Dont let bad luck get onto our team, we need this season man, don’t let his kid ruin it. And shouldn’t his 1st game be in Crisler? Just a thought…

    Troy Wilbert: Bandwagon. That is all. He has never been to a game before. Don’t let these tickets go to a bandwagon fan. He probably likes Duke too. They all do. I feel sick just thinking of the JJ Redick poster above his bed.

    Kenny G: Come on dude, why would you go by that name? Kenny G makes my head hurt, and he hits notes that make my dog go crazy. And dude, that trophy thing makes me feel like you would be a little too intense, and thusly already have tickets and would just be scalping them anyways.

    Now for why I need the tickets. I am Ann Arbor born and bred. I have always lived here and I have always loved Michigan sports. I am too young to remember the early Fischer years, but I have vague memories of seeing Tractor play in person. I watched our last March Madness game against UCLA (while eating chili for the very first time). I didn’t attend many b-ball games through middle school, but I have had season hockey tickets since 1995-96 season (Morrison and Muckalt, Botterill and Bubba, and Turco were all heroes of mine). Once I got to high school I started attending again, and developed a few favorites on the team again (Amadou Ba anyone? He was already liked when he put that State fan in the hospital, but that put him over the edge!)

    Anyways back to the point. I am in college, but I couldn’t go to Michigan (Great test scores, but there is something about a bad GPA that really turns off colleges). Even though I can’t see every game, I come back for every game I can, and actually made it back to 8 games last season (including Oakland, where Manny & Co hit triple digits). I have gone to three this year (sadly I was unable to get back for Duke, something about needing to study for my finals, I don’t know). I need these because all of this driving to and from school and Ann Arbor has done a number on my bank account and it is tough to afford tickets.

    Also, a PS of sorts, I am proven to be good luck, as I was at the Wisconson game this year, so that is just a bonus!

  7. Austin says...

    cuz Im a huge fan living in enemy territorry and Ill drive all the way up from Orient, which is south of Columbus

  8. Drew G says...

    I read your argument and couldn’t help but respond. I too, don’t attend U of M, but attend a college on the other side of the state. While the Duke game was the weekend before finals for me as well, surely I attended. I was also at the Wisconsin football game. I was also at the Oakland game last year… Need I say more.


    I didn’t want to throw this out there, but my second cousin, Ryan DeKuiper, (yes, that’s him hugging the Tractor) rode pine on the Michigan squads in the mid 90’s. There were many times when I was in the tunnel after the game during that Maceo Baston/Gerod Ward/Mo Taylor era. I have been a fan through it all.

    I suppose I wrote this all out of arrogance, just to show I had the best case. But I will not be able to drive to Ann Arbor to pick up these tickets, so I’m withdrawing my considerations. Clearly I would have won, right? Ha. May the best man win… Go Blue.

  9. Pat says...

    Well played Drew. Well played.

  10. Drew G says...

    Well thanks. Also… I think it’s spelled “Jerod” not “Gerod”. My bad.

  11. Troy Wilbert says...

    this is what someone who will remain nameless said about me.

    Troy Wilbert: Bandwagon. That is all. He has never been to a game before. Don’t let these tickets go to a bandwagon fan. He probably likes Duke too. They all do. I feel sick just thinking of the JJ Redick poster above his bed.

    Now this is not going to go unanswered…lets look at the logic here. I am on a Michigan website while I am really a Dukey…NOT!!!

    Secondly…I am a Michigan fan that is on all of the sites mostly for football mind you but I have been a fan since before Antoine Jobert…spelling might be wrong though LOL.

    Third and the last point…I live in Lima, Ohio and was willing to drive in this weather to the game. What would push any rational person to do such a thing other than being a true Wolverine fan?

    Best wishes to all who participated.
    Jesus is the reason for every season!

  12. Pat says...

    1st: I was not intending to insult your fandom in regards to Michigan athletics, but in regards to basketball. I assumed that since you had never followed M basketball before, you probably liked other teams in the void where your TRUE allegiances should have lied. Many of the people that fit into such a category follow the good teams, such as Duke. (Only at basketball, im sure you watched some football and cheered OUR boys in blue).

    2nd: I have never heard of that man, YOU sir, are old. That is all.

    3rd: Good for you you for being willing to commute. All good fans must have the ability to be mobile, whether on plane or bicycle.

    I apologize if I insulted you in my first post, but seriously dude, you must be old to remember Jobert. That dude was drafted in 87 (I googled). So I will not apologize for that. And also, you do sound rather bandwagony. Where was your devotion in the lean years? You missed out on the wonders of Horton and the magic of Graham Brown (umm, kinda).

    If anyone else has problems with my remarks, I’ll be here all week. Except on Saturday. There is a game that day…

  13. RDD says...

    I won’t be able to go to the game, but if I could, I would deserve these tickets because I can properly spell “Antoine Joubert” without searching the web.

  14. Troy Wilbert says...


    I am old…39…and ready to get my AARP card…man these are bad economic times!

    You are really witty…you probably try stand up on the weekends in a local spot in AA don’t you? Well as long as you are not the Pat from SNL, I guess we will be okay, I swore to do bodily harm to that character when I was a teenager, I am over that now…I think.

    I want to thank you for calling me old and all of the other quips that you had concerning me. With the exeption of the loyalty issue where that is a little hard to take since I have enough insults coming from $uckeye fans all year. If you want to insult anybody look outside of the Michigan camp. BTW I am from Detroit…went to Calvin Coolidge Elementary, Brooks Middle school, lived on Rutherford if anybody sees this and remembers me or anything post here.


  15. Pat says...

    Im not trying to insult you my man, nor do I mean to make you feel old (I know how sensitive the older crowd (NOT YOU!) can get). Im a kid in most books, still before my twenties (19), and therefore I see anyone over like 25 as old. No offense. Really.

    And I wasn’t trying to insult or upset you, or question your loyalties. Im just bored at home and trying to have some fun by making a few light-hearted remarks.

    And please, let me be the first to say that Pat, the character from SNL, is on my list. Even though that was before my time, the reruns on Comedy Central fell into the wrong elementary schooler’s hands one day and I heard all about it. For the next 5 years, no lie. Every time I hear that jingle, I tense up and get extremely upset. I bought the DVD of the movie at a Blockbuster used bargain bin about a year ago, just to break it so that no man had to witness that abomination.

    And finally, I really hope I didn’t upset you. Im just a little stir crazy thats all.

  16. Troy Wilbert says...

    Pat, it’s all good man. We win again!

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