Programming Update

None of your regularly schedule posting this weekend. We’ll have some thoughts about the basketball game after it’s over, but other than that, don’t expect anything substantive unless some major news breaks.

We’ll be back in action come Monday, and from there, Paul and I will see what the schedule around Christmas is going to look like. Thanks for sticking around.

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  1. Anthony says...

    Looking at your recruiting board, it seems like you’ve left off most of the wide receivers that M is actually recruiting, while including many that we probably have zero chance with. Perhaps you have a policy of excluding those committed to other schools, but I’m pretty sure, based on my obsessive-compulsive search for all information relating to recruiting, that we are pursuing the following receiver prospects:

    Jamal Patterson
    Je’Ron Stokes
    Bryce McNeal
    Willie Haulstead
    Travante Stallworth

  2. Tim says...

    We do indeed have a policy of not including elsewhere-committed recruits. We’re aware of the pursuit of guys like Patterson and Stokes, and if you want to see what we’ve said about them, you can sift through past recruiting posts or search for their names in the search box on the left sidebar.

    Thanks for your help.

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