ESPNU Under Armour All-American Bowl Open Thread

Who: You, me, anyone else who feels like discussing.

What: Discussion about the ESPNU Under Armour All-American Bowl.

Where: ESPN on your television, this post on your computer.

When: Tonight at 8 PM, when TV coverage starts. Conversation may get going a bit earlier (hopefully).

Why: Drool over Craig Roh and Taylor Lewan and Isaiah Bell, get a glimpse of a few guys Michigan still has a shot with.

How: Converse via the comments section of this post. Should a spontaneous liveblog pop up at MGoBlog, I’ll move over there and abandon this thread.

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  1. Ryan says...

    Bell quit on the coverage there

  2. Ryan says...

    OT: what kind of BS is Boston College slinging stating that they’ll fire their coach for interviewing for the Jet’s job?!?!?!

  3. Tim says...

    It’s a little out-of-control, and it’s certainly not something you can do every down in college, but once it’s just one of many moves he has, that will be killer.

  4. West Texas Blue says...

    Game time. Good showing by Michigan recruits; too bad none of them are early enrollment kids. Now let’s close out ’09 recruiting with some great pickups (Je’ron Stokes and Denard Robinson, I’m looking at you)…

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