Michigan a lot, Iowa a lot fewer.

Nice, dominating perofrmance by the Wolverines today in Crisler Arena. After struggling on the road against bottom-dweller Indiana, it was nice to see this team get its feet back under and finally dominate from start to finish in a way that they hadn’t in quite some time.

Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims were their usual sleves, for better or for worse. This time, Manny was hitting the 3-ball after his hesitation “move,” though he did brick a dunk in the first half (oops). DeShawn was money from inside the arc for most of the day (as usual), and had a few awesome rebounds (including a one-hander as he was getting fouled on the other arm). These guys are clearly the most talented guys on the team, and they showed that they can get it done in the Big Ten.

Zack Novak and CJ Lee are entirely different types of players, but each should be singled out for his effort on this day. CJ was constantly getting in passing lanes and disrupting the Iowa offense, he had a few steals, and even got a little offense of his own. Novak nails big shots left and right, but it’s the little things that really help. He puts in some of the best effort on the team, making deflections and getting rebounds despite playing the power forward position at only 6-5.

Kelvin Grayd made a layup, Eric Puls nailed a long bomb, and even Anthony Wright and Jevohn Shepherd got a bit of playing time. It was a good day. However, it is important to keep in mind that this Iowa team is not expected to finish near the top of the conference standings, and they were without one of their best players (and by far their best rebounder) today. Optimism is good, but a dominating win over a mediocre Iowa team on this day is no reason to let said optimism run wild.

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  1. Dale says...

    this team is not expected to finish near the top of the conference standings,so life is good or better than before!

  2. MileHiMojo says...

    Woooo hooooo! Take that Hawkeyes, roll over Sparty and look out Big Dance, here come the WOLVERINES!!!! ROLLIN’ BABY!!!!!! WE’RE BACK!!!!

    (You mean run wild like that?)

  3. Steve says...

    I enjoyed watching that game, not because they won and rolled Iowa. I enjoyed it because they ran their offense and defense well which lead to the win.

    I watched it with my son and used it almost like a training video for how the JB system works. For the most part everything was crisp and well done for the entire game. Against a lesser team they can get away with mistakes and win, but against the bigboys of the conference they cannot.

    It was a good win and a good building performance.

    I’ll be at the PSU v Michigan game at PSU. Look for the only yellow in the sea of blue.

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