People who shouldn’t be allowed on the internet: Joel Bradley

I hesitated to post this article, but it’s so damn bad that I couldn’t help myself. Like, horrendously stupid, and Joel Bradley should be kept far, far away from keyboards for the rest of his life.

Okay, I have been waiting for Rich Rodriguez to make a splash in recruiting for two years.

All he has produced is Michael Shaw, who will be a solid contributor next season, and Tate Forcier, who is a virtual lock as the starting signal-caller.

OK, so now you understand exactly how stupid “analysis” on the internet can be. Last year alone Rodriguez landed the following: Martavious Odoms (led the team in receptions and receiving yards as a true freshman), Brandon Smith (expected to start at strong safety as a redshirt freshman, and would have played last year if he hadn’t had an appendectomy shortly before the season began), Terrence Robinson (expected to start at slot receiver as a redshirt freshman, and would have gotten serious playing time last year save a preseason injury), Patrick Omameh (an offensive lineman from Columbus who picked the Wolverines over Ohio State), Ricky Barnum (a former Florida commitment who is expected to start along the offensive line as a redshirt freshman). He landed several other players as well, but those are the highlights of his first recruiting class.

His second class? Michigan is currently ranked #8 in the nation by Rivals.com, #13 by Scout.com, with plenty of scholarships (as many as 8) still to hand out.

And I can’t pass up this gem:

Sam McGuffie would have been as good as Jacob Hester was his junior year at LSU. to Carlos Brown may not even get used at all as a feature back under the new regime.

Yes, speed back Sam McGuffie was exactly the same type of player as NFL fullback Jacob Hester. Carlos Brown was injured this entire year (like his entire career thus far), and got a chance to star against Northwestern. If you ever run across Joel Bradley on the street, please inflict as much physical harm on him as possible. Some people shouldn’t be allowed on the internet, much less given a platform to spew their idiocy. There is s ton more stupid in the article if you’re interested in torturing yourself.

Mr. Bradley, thy name is FAIL.

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  1. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    I think it is really funny when people write smear articles about topics they have NO understanding of. Seriously McGuffie equal to Hester? A) LSU is a pro style and UM is not so I don’t understand the comparison. B) McGuffie is like 5’10” 180. I don’t think an NFL FB goes 5’10” 180…

    I will make a comparison of my own. Mr. Bradley = my butthole. Me thinky YOU STINKY!!!

  2. UMTailgate says...

    Honestly, no one should be reading bleacherreport..ever. There is rarely anything remotely impersonating intelligence writing on there. Random message board slop is often more coherent. It’s mostly kids, and I mean no offense to the younger bloggers of the Michigan ‘sphere…I’m talking 5th-8th grade young.

    I don’t even give it a glance anymore.

  3. jblaze says...

    You probably shouldn’t link that dude, he has like 30+ comments, and is obviously an idiot.

  4. Jacques Auef says...

    how better to stir interest and get people to comment by writing what he wrote. I don’t think the guy actually believes what he wrote but wrote it to stir reaction.

  5. Griffin Fraley says...

    I don’t know where else to tell you this Tim, but I have 2 names that might qualify for the 2010 recruiting board. First, Derrick Bryant-DE (OH) who’s parents want Bryant at Michigan. That info came from BuckeyePlanet.com. Also, there’s a defensive player from Cass Tech named Daniel Easterly. He’s projected as a S/LB hybrid type guy. Just two guys to keep an eye on for 2010.

  6. David Knight says...

    Daniel Easterly is a beast … he will be very highly ranked… h is a hitter and very versitile.. he can play so many postions ..coaches better jump on him quick ..

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