Programming Update

I am going to be out of town this weekend. Regular content should proceed as necessary, and I’m sure Paul will hold down the fort. However, if there are any breaking developments (especially in recruiting), we may be a bit behind in covering them.

Recruiting update this afternoon. Thanks for bearing with us.

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  1. Jacques Auef says...

    Who gave you the ok to take the weekend off? I know I didn’t. You are FIRED!

  2. I know nothing says...

    I was going to say something earlier, but I thought the readers would get upset. But, IMO, you are either a blogger or not a blogger, none of this in the middle bullcrap. Either commit to us full time, knock the damn trips off, or just quit. The nerve of some bloggers.

  3. Tim Miller says...

    The cyber world never sleeps wherever you may be!! Seriously, enjoy the weekend.

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