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Added to the Board:
2010 OH CB/Ath Braylon Heard. He says Penn State and USC are his favorites, and though he doesn’t mention Michigan in the article, I’m sure the Wolverines are interested. He has a good first name for Michigan, and a fairly rad highlight video, as well as an equally good one from his sophomore year.
2010 NJ OL Bill Bilo. Interested in Michigan (info in header/obvious from posting on GBW front page).
2010 HI LB VJ Fehoko. Michigan is corresponding with him, and he seems like a good one – other schools of interest are Alabama, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame. Texas Tech is his current favorite.

Michigan so impressed OH OL Marcus Hall on his visit that he has a new leader (info in header). I wonder who that could be? OSU insiders think Michigan’s lead is ephemeral, but a Glenville product even naming the Wolverines his favorite this late in the process is a huge leap forward for recruiting from that Buckeye pipeline.

FL CB Adrian Witty was similarly impressed on his Michigan visit, but GBW doesn’t even try to play it coy this time, and the info is blatantly in the header. Michigan is by far his biggest offer (only others, to my knowledge, are FIU and KSU), and if HS teammate QB Denard Robinson wants to play with his friend in college, Michigan is their only option.

Tennessee is the favorite for 2009 OH CB Mike Edwards from Cleveland Glenville. The Vols are giving him the full-court press, solidifying their #1 status. He apparently has his Michigan visit this weekend, however, giving the Wolverines a chance to catch up.

Miami of Florida has entered the fray for 2009 SC OL Quinton Washington. Likely the top OL prospect left on Michigan’s board, Q looks to take all of his visits before reaching a decision.

Tennessee coaches (including Kiffin the elder and DaCoachO) were in Louisiana last week to visit 2009 DT Commit DeQuinta Jones and his teammate, WR Rueben Randle. I would assume (and, obviously, hope) that their visit was more targeted towards Randle than Jones.

You can all-but cross 2009 FL CB Jayron Hosley off the board. Following a USF visit, the USF Scout affiliate publishes an article entitled “Jayron Knows Where He’s Going.” Hmm, I wonder where that could be. He still takes his Michigan visit this weekend, though he’s bound to hate the weather.

2009 PA LB Dan Mason say’s he’s “pretty much narrowed things down to Pitt and West Virginia.” Michigan isnt even mentioned as one of the schools that just didn’t make the cut. He’ll stay on the board for now, as I assume a Michigan offer would put the Wolverines right into the conversation.

SC DE Sam Montgomery enjoyed his Michigan visit:

“I’m high on Michigan right now. They are two steps ahead of everybody. But I’ll wait and make my decision after all the visits.”

Don’t get your hopes too high though, as he has something of a reputation for aying great things about whichever school he’s heard from or visited most recently. If he’s still making such positive comments after his LSU visit, that will be notable. And here’s a little more on his upcoming timetable:

In the next month, Montgomery will take official visits to LSU, Tennessee, Oregon and North Carolina. While Montgomery won’t take official visits to South Carolina and Clemson, he said the in-state schools are still in the mix.

Montgomery said he plans not to announce a commitment. Rather, he said he will announce where he’ll attend college when he signs his national letter of intent.

2009 FL WR Nu’Keese Richardson said Michigan was among his favorites before he committed to Florida in the summer. Is he opening up his recruitment? If so, he has a chance to be re-added to the board later. Keep an eye on ‘Keese for now.

Mgoblog is obviously very awesome, and if you visit this site, you’re undoubtedly a regular reader over there as well. For that reason, I typically won’t link directly to Brian’s info, as it stands on its own. However, in TomVH’s Tate Forcier interview earlier this week, there was some pertinent info on 2010 CA RB Brennan Clay, a high school teammate of Forcier.

TOM: Your teammate, Brennan Clay, is a Michigan target for next year. Is there anything you’ve said to him about joining you, or is there anything you’ll do in the future?

TATE: I’ve been working on him since day one. He’s getting a lot of attention, he just got offered by USC last week. I want what’s best for him, but I have a good feeling if he was going to come back east, this would be a school he could choose. He’s going to come out for spring ball, so hopefully I can convince him. I know he loves Coach Smith and Rodriguez, and he likes Michigan. Talking with those guys is like extended family, they’re just really cool guys, which helps.

Brennan is far from a lock to Michigan, especially with early offers from schools like USC. Michigan certainly has help in the recruitment, though, and it seems (as evidenced by said USC offer) that Clay will be a top prospect in next year’s class. For the rest of the Forcier interview, head to Mgoblog.

2010 MI RB Austin White has been the subject of some transfer rumors lately. However, his dad says he is staying at Livonia Stevenson instead of transferring to Inkster High School.

2010 Michigan Football Recruit Austin White“As far as we’re concerned, Austin, honestly, is at Livonia Stevenson,” he said. “If we felt there was an academic program strong enough for Austin and he may benefit from being in a quality program, then we will do what’s best for him. But there’s no issue as to why we would be looking or searching outside.”

“They have a good education program. Obviously, the only other place I would like to see Austin is where I’m at, and that would be Pioneer, and I know they have outstanding academics and a strong football program.

“But I can almost guarantee you that Austin would go in the total opposite direction of his dad.”

Mr. White is the principal at Pioneer. The Inskter transfer rumors started because Stevenson’s coach has resigned, and Austin would likely seek a good football program with a good, strict coach (the as-yet-unconfirmed rumor has it that he participated in the MSU Football/Hockey fight that got one of his older twin brothers kicked of MSU’s football team). Inkster’s head coach has a reputation for being a so-called “molder of men.” Obviously, either transfer situation (Inkster or AA Pioneer) would be positive for Michigan.

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8 Comments so far

  1. AC1997 says...

    As always, I love the recruiting news. I do like that you’ve combined the 2009 and 2010 together, but I think it would help if you split them up within a given post so that it reads more smoothly.

    Anyway, in your last post about Austin White…..could you explain what “an older twin brother” is? Aside from being minutes older, I’m curious how there could be such a thing. =)

  2. Ann Arbor 1879 says...

    Isn’t Austin White an MSU lock? Either he or Nick Hill is an MSU lock. Their family are HUGE green and white fans FWIW. I am just not sure which kid it is… from the looks of it (Mr White a purple people eater) it may be Nick hill who I am thinking of.

  3. Tim says...

    White has 2 older brothers, who are twins. Austin is 2 years younger than them.

    AA1879: Austin White is the “MSU lock” that you’re thinking of.

  4. I know nothing says...

    White’s parents ‘scolded’ Sam Webb for saying that he was a lock. I don’t think AW is a lock anywhere, and from the stories, if he doesn’t get straight in a hurry, he may get locked out.

  5. J Torres says...

    I believe that the Tate Forcier interview was done quite a while ago, but still good information. I hope that the class of 2010 is a great one!

  6. Tim says...

    Yeah, the Forcier interview was a week or two old, but the information is certainly still relevant.

  7. AnvilofSteel says...

    After watching a lot of games, video highlights of players around the country getting attention… I am astounded that the multitude of talent at Muskegon Big Reds is not getting any attention at all. That school and coaching staff trains and produces Top atheletic talent every year..Period. As a team they blew away some of the “Top” talent, besting them in almost every phase of the game in one on one matchups, speed, determination, and power. Yet, these well disciplined motivated kids are getting the cold shoulder from recruiting.
    They make a lot of whats being stated as top state talent in Michigan look like little kids comparitively when beating the stuffing out of them.
    Coaches take a look at some of these kids and bring them in for some evals.

  8. Tim says...

    Muskegon is a fairly traditional Michigan feeder school. If there were any prospects at that school, I ensure you the Michigan coaches would know about them. Sometimes, winning high school games has nothing to do with talent that will translate to the next level (look at Cass Tech, for example, or East Grand Rapids for an example from the other end).

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