The Will Campbell Commit Dance

Move over Soulja Boy; Big Will Campbell has a new dance for y’all:

Will Campbell busts a move at the AAA game

Hopefully there will be an instructional YouTube video in the near future.  Formerlyanon suggested this, but if anyone with LSUFreak like skills wants to put Will Campbell’s upper body on Warren Sapp’s legs from Dancing with the Stars, you will be my hero forever.

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  1. West Texas Blue says...
  2. Tim says...

    We must find an empty pool and make an instructional video for this dance.

  3. Ezekiel Miller says...

    Looks like a fat girl at a buffet with a free coupon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. wild money says...

    nice idea, thanks for sharing it.

  5. gsimmons85 says...

    OMG, really you guys? you dont recognize hulk holgans routine there? he would do that to all the corners of the ring, just with the ear thing too…

    but im betting that is H.H. is the inspiration behind that…

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