Press Conference Player Info Part 2

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Brendan Gibbons

Coach said that Brendan has a great leg and will immediately compete for playing time at place kicker and on kick offs, especially with the departures of Gingell (whew) and K.C. Lopata (actually fairly solid).

Cameron Gordon

Staff seems high on him at receiver. Rodriguez said that Cameron will compete for time at receiver exclusively. Currently no plans for him to play linebacker.  That could chance in the future, but so far it seems he’ll stay put at wide receiver.

Thomas ‘Prison Abs’ Gordon

Rodriguez said the Gordon was one of the better all around athletes in the class.  He gave the impression that Gordon’s position is kind of in flux, but he’ll start working at safety and nickel.

Brandin Hawthorne

I didn’t tweet any notes about him and can’t remember if coach Rodriguez said anything of note about him.  He’s listed at 6’0″ and 197, so there could be a redshirt in his future to allow him bulk up and learn linebacker reads.

Mike Jones

Who? Anyway, Jones was pretty funny when I talked to him at the press conference. He’s taking five classes and says they’re not bad, but the papers are kind of tough.  Rodriguez says he’ll start out at safety, but has a good chance of putting on weight and becoming an outside linebacker.

Teric Jones

Rodriguez said Teric was one of the fastest guys he’s seen, which is saying something.  He’s going to start out primarily at running back and maybe work into the slot at some point.  I almost get the feeling that he’ll red shirt, but that’s my own opinion without any real corroboration.

Anthony LaLota

He mentioned how LaLota hasn’t been playing football that long, but is a really athletic defensive lineman that played basketball for most of high school. Rodriguez said that all 3 incoming defensive linemen will have a chance to get in and play, but I think it will be  tough for him to see the field with how raw he’s reported to be.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he redshirts, but he’s in the program right now trying to improve, so who knows?

Part III will be a bit later today or early tomorrow. I’m actually having to do work at work. Weird, right?

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  1. CDubbs says...

    Sounds like we got a pretty fair recruiting class of balanced athletes. Gordon seems legit; I would bet Teric Jones can outrun raptors.

  2. Paul says...

    Yeah, but raptors would eventually out smart him. They’ll out smart us all!

  3. UofM Snowboarder says...

    Teric Jones may outrun raptors, but he can’t outrun raptors on hoverboards.

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