Programming Update

Basketball UFRs will be posted sometime this week. The reason for the delay is that I’m currently separated from my DVR. I should have it available to me before the Purdue game, but no guarantees. If there’s interest I can post the plus/minus data before then. It’s the part most people said in the CIL was more interesting, and I don’t need to re-watch the whole game to do them. Let me know in the comments.

Football offseason posts will continue, though they might be slightly more theory-oriented until spring pratice begins and there’s actual news to talk about. While on the topic of spring practice, I should have a bonanza of information up during that period, and it should be a fun time to be around here. I’ll spread news about some of those items as they get a bit more solidified.

I’m hopefully going to get the podcast up and running again, since we haven’t really made one since the end of football season. Possible topics include the end of basketball season, football and recruiting (obviously the bread and butter here at VB), or baseball. Let me know how much interest there is in each of these things (and a podcast in general).

Baseball coverage will continue to go strong with new contributor FormerlyAnonymous, who never got a proper introduction. Without further ado: FormerlyAnonymous is the newest member of VB, bringing the total to 3. He’ll bring the baseball coverage, making Varsity Blue the #1 site for Michigan Wolverines baseball coverage.

Recruiting update #1 for the week should be coming tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, but baseball season has left VB up to our ears in content, and I want to make sure every post get the attention that it deserves.

Thanks for bearing with us at a (surprisingly) busy time for the blog.

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  1. I know nothing says...

    To comment on just the Baseball coverage, it is excellent, and there is so little out there that is easy to get at. I have been pimping it all I can, and the people have come back pleased. Nice job on this.

    And if podcasts are a PITA to do, I can live without them. I don’t need to see your ugly faces, or voices, to enjoy content. It is nice fluff, but the written word suffices. JMO.

  2. Hey, just because Tim and Paul have some ugly mugs doesn’t mean we’re all worthless.

  3. jamie mac says...

    I stumbled upon your site because of podcasts, by the way. By accident sometime in the summer I caught one. Forgot about you guys, then you had Gsimms on before the Illinois game. Since then, i’ve been a fairly regular reader.

    So the podcasts eventually lured one reader in. I like those, its the future of sports radio, IMO. Anytime you need a guest to talk pointspreads…..lol.

    I’d rather listen to those than the player video interviews posted, unless its you guys doing the actual Q/A (as opposed to the boilerplate presser stuff). To use a phrase from me newspapering days thats canned copy. Its your original content that brings people in.

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