Steven Threet Leaves the Michigan Football Program

After being the subject of rumor for the past week-plus, Steven Threet has officially told the press that he plans to transfer from Michigan. Threet was the starting quarterback for large portions of 2008, and was actually quite successful when healthy. It’s a shame to see the young man leave, but you really can’t blame the kid, as he really wants to play, and do so in a scheme that fits his skill set.

The Threet transfer probably does mean one positive thing for Michigan fans: that Tate Forcier has looked good enough in the training program and volunatary QB-WR workouts as to pose a significant threat to Threet’s starting position. Of course, it also means bad things, like “Michigan only has 2 quarterbacks between safety and Nick Sheridan.” The QB depth situation becomes almost as bad as it was last year, though the second option (likely to be Denard Robinson) is a step up from either Sheridan or Justin Feagin.

This clears out the depth chart somewhat for a class of 2010 prospect to find it quite appealing (Devin Gardner, come on down!), but harms Michigan in the short term. Wherever Threet ends up (rumors have said Eastern Michigan, under former Michigan DC Ron English), I certainly wish him the best of luck.

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  1. gio says...

    Steven Threet photos

  2. Grob says...

    The two in-state QB’s are way overrated, and I’m talking about Devin Garner (poor decision making and can’t feel backside pressure) and Robert Bolden. Trust me.

    Better to look out of state.

  3. Santoro says...

    I never looked at the bright side of this, the fact that the depth chart becomes more appealing for Gardner.. that is a very good point. Although I think the impact of his transfer on the 2009 season could be VERY bad.

    I could not disagree more with Grob.. While he may have his drawbacks, like any HS junior does, GarDner is very, very likely going to be a huge talent, as evidenced by RR’s very early offer, and his VERY impressive offer list so far. While I think Tate will be a good QB for us after a while, Gardner could up being a real star. Problem is, I get the feeling we are going to be in a big fight for him with OSU, just like with the last big, athletic QB ..


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