Will Campbell Interview

When Will Campbell was being interviewed they had him step off the stage, so he wouldn’t be too tall for the cameras.  Will’s personality, his bubbliness and goofiness remind me a lot of Terrance Taylor.

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  1. Anthony says...

    the ad above your title banner has apparently pushed the banner down, obscuring some content. at least on firefox

  2. Jacques Auef says...

    Why is Big Will wearing Buckeye beads around his neck?

    Other than that, he’s got his head screwed on right which is good to see. I am glad he’s a Wolverine. I hope he becomes a terror on the field and makes QB’s crap in their pants when they see him staring at them.

  3. CDubbs says...

    This fellow doesn’t need a Communications degree, he can already speak much better than “Super” Mario. I think he should stick with Kinesiology; you know to to bond with the rest of the team.

  4. MGoAndy says...

    False, Will. Detroit Renaissance is, and has been for two decades, the best public high school in Detroit. US News & World Report named it the best HS in America in 1996. Renaissance consistently places higher on standardized testing, and fields better arts and athletics programs.

    We win.

  5. Tim says...

    The point remains the same, of course. A kid from the magnet schools in Detroit is invariably going to have a good education.

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