Blogcast: Talking Hockey with YostBuilt

In this blogcast we talked to the excellent Tim Williams of The Blog That Yost Built, the place to go for Michigan hockey information.  We discussed Michigan’s season and their draw in the NCAA Championship Tournament among other hockey topics.


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  1. RWC says...

    Nice job as always on the podcast. Woo hockey.

  2. Chris says...

    I tell you what kind of team AF is, a very good one. If they played in the CCHA, they’d be in the upper half. AF has always played very well in the tourney and if Michigan takes them lightly, U-M will get waxed.

    AF has a Hobey finalist, a great goalie, and other than Red, probably one of the best coaches in the land. It’s amazing what that club does considering they have to tell recruits they’ll be going to war when they graduate and they won’t be hooking up with sorostitutes on the weekends.


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