Mid Week Closeout

Link Dump to start.  Unlike football where sports media is found everywhere, finding baseball coverage is a little bit harder.  So in order to spread the articles, I’ll be trying to bring them together when given the chance.  I’ll at least give you an interesting point from the article rather than just the title or source.

Michigan Insider Podcast was taped/released this morning.  Maloney touched on a few points in the interview.  The ones I found most interesting:

  • Our inexperience hurt us this last weekend.
  • Kevin Cislo is playing at a high level right now.  So is Chris Fetter.
  • We’re not doing a good job moving runners over.
  • Brandon Sinnery will continue to be a mid week starter to build his experience, could make the jump to the weekend.  He could have gone longer last night, but we wanted to get guys work.
  • “We don’t have a solidified #2 or #3.”  We need someone to step up.
  • Mike Wilson may get the start this Sunday.  He’s not back at his 2007 form, but is moving in that direction.

He basically just summarized most of what we already know.  Pitching has been inconsistent and Cislo has played well lately.  I’m interested to see how Mike Wilson does in the start.  IPFW should be a good starting point, and Iowa the week after isn’t playing that well of late either.

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