Nick Sheridan Injured

An intrepid Bleacher Report author has gotten his hands on “leaked information” (read: has probably posted something he read on a premium message board) that Nick Sheridan and David Cone both sustained injuries during practice yesterday, though it’s unclear how long they’re out (if each does indeed have a broken bone, it’ll probably be until the end of spring).

This is obviously bad for several reasons, most notably because it leaves Tate Forcier as the only QB on the roster who was deemed worthy of a scholarship offer out of high school. The only other QB who took snaps in practice Saturday was #18, deemed not even important enough to have his name on the spring roster.

I foresee Justin Feagin, Carlos Brown, Terrence Robinson, et al probably getting a few more reps at QB than they were planning on this spring, if only because there are practically no breathing bodies left.

EDIT: I should probably note (though it’s obvious from no link) that there is no confirmation of this from a free source.

UPDATE: Someone from the football program (presumably Coach Rodriguez) is going to be holding a press conference tomorrow presumably to address the injury rumors. Team coverage and whatnot forthcoming.

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  1. What about Antonio Bass? He should be healthy enough by now, right?

  2. anon says...
  3. chad says...

    i actually think it’s a good thing if Sheridan is hurt during spring ball. Forcier is probably going to be the starter come fall anyway and it’s better for him to get all the snaps in spring practice as opposed to half of them

  4. Tim says...

    Well, that is a particularly stupid statement.

  5. Tom says...

    I agree with Tim. Less competition is NEVER a good thing.

  6. chad says...

    how is it a stupid statement that Forcier gets almost all of snaps during spring ball compared to getting half of them? everyone knows he’s going to be the starter so what’ll prepare him more as freshman? getting every snap in spring ball or getting competition from a walk-on qb who couldn’t even play at EMU? i believe in such a thing as competition but as an example Brandon Minor isn’t going to get better if his lone competition is Mike Moundros.

  7. chad says...

    besides competition is better for veterans who feel they have job locked up and can coast. the MOST important thing for a freshman is repetitions and learning offense. Forcier is taking all of snaps and the ONLY focus of coaches it’ll prepare him better to start come fall

  8. Paul says...

    RIch Rodriguez respectfully disagrees with you. Tate will still not get all the snaps practice. The coaches will likely rotate in more players in at QB in order to have more depth in that position so if Tate goes down, other people have the ability step in. Also, if there’s no competition, there’s less motivation to get to that next level, which is never a good thing.

    There’s a reason coaches always talk about position battles in the Spring. It helps both players competing for the position to get better.

  9. Rob says...

    I posted this on the bleacher report site yesterday after I got a call from someone close to the program. I did see that the Detroit Free Press has confirmed the report. They noted from a source that Sheridan was on crutches and wore a walking boot and the Free Press said the injury was probably of the serious nature. No word on Cone in the article.

  10. Steve says...

    If Cone is hurt who will hold the clipboard?

  11. Rob says...

    Don’t let a RB hold it. It’ll be on the ground before you know it.

  12. Mountaineers Fanatic says...

    This loss does hurt the program. During the Spring no one player ever takes 90% of any position. This is a time for other players to prove what they can do. The only good thing I see coming from this is it will give the other walk-on QBs a chance to prove themselves.

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